22 Mar 2023

Tibetan Horoscope

Tibetan astrology emerged from the synthesis of the Indian system, and it is one of the most accurate in the world. According to this concept, a man consists of five elements: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal. If the elements that make up a human body are in harmony with each other, then this promises health, prosperity, as well as long and happy life to the person. If, as a result of the accumulation of bad karma, the elements are inconsistent, then illnesses and misfortune can occur. 

Tibetan horoscope is a forecast given by Tibetan monks hundreds of years ago. They predicted almost everything that could affect a modern man. They gave answers to many questions that occupy the minds of hundreds of people. They told who to make friends with, whom to be afraid of, what personal characteristics to pay special attention to. And all this will help to avoid troubles and difficulties in the future. In addition, this horoscope can help you choose the right friend or life partner for the alliance to be strong and reliable.

Buddhism retained a respectful attitude to the astrology, characteristic of Hinduism. However, the motivation for practicing astrology became different. In the “science of the stars”, Buddhist astrology is looking for more than just an opportunity to reconcile reality. On the contrary, it is focused on a way to help in eliminating the suffering of life, becoming perfect and getting out of the wheel of rebirth. Buddhist cosmological representations contain a large number of astrological elements. In Tibetan Buddhism, astrology is one of the four specializations of the Tibetan system.

There is a legend in Tibetan and generally eastern astrology that Buddha invited 12 animals, promising a reward to everyone if they came on time. All the animals came in the order in which the Tibetan horoscope is composed. Buddha gave them immortality and assigned one year of reign to each animal.

Choose your year of birth and learn about yourself, including both evident and hidden character traits.


The Rat sign refers to animals of the Yin group. Its element is Water. In the European Zodiac, Rat will correspond to the sign of Sagittarius. The colors that bring it luck and happiness are black and red.

The rat is a sign of charm and aggressiveness. It is always amiable; it has a mysterious allure. These people are endowed with soft skin and an eye-catching face. Their calm appearance hides unrestrained activity, leading Rats to constant movement. However, sometimes they are let down by their showmanship since they are not always natural. Rats are very prudent and always able to impress.

However, representatives of this sign may be unstable and, depending on which way the cat jumps or, in other words, circumstances, change their behavior or attitudes. They should learn to be more consistent.


The Bull is an animal that is a part of the Yin group, and it corresponds to Capricorn

Bulls are patient and calm. When their goal is chosen, they will go towards it slowly, but confidently. These people have an intelligent and original nature, which they hide behind a run-of-the-mill appearance. Bulls have the gift to inspire confidence, which is often a good trump card. They do not like aggression, but often have a choleric temperament, so they are easily excitable and often prone to outbursts of anger.

Bulls are hard-working and diligent; because of this, they often take great responsibility. They are hardy, stubborn and will never refuse their moral ideals. Someone’s unbecoming conduct makes them feel uncomfortable, but at the same time, they cannot be called sensitive. They know where and when they can talk.


The Tiger belongs to the Yang group. Its element is Tree. The Tiger corresponds to the sign of Aquarius, having orange and brown with gilding as its lucky colors.

The Tigers have a talent for a global vision. They can be liberal and tolerant until it touches their image. The Tiger sign has royal generosity; it willingly forgives everyone. It can be harsh towards himself and demanding of his environment. People of this sign do not like lies and know how to distinguish truth from flattery. They tend to believe that they always do the right things, being dead confident in their actions.

People of the Tiger sign are driven by their passions and often experience stress. They are caught in their contradictions, and this prevents them from controlling their aggressiveness. They are considered egoists, although they are capable of generosity when it comes to something great. They are sensitive and warm but often grow up selfish.


The Rabbit belongs to the Yin group and corresponds to the sign of Pisces.

People born under the sign of the Rabbit are moderate and button-down. They tend to show diplomatic niceties and avoid conflict situations and quarrels. They are sensitive to harmony and very demanding about maintaining a caring environment and a peaceful climate.

Rabbits are considered the happiest people. They are created for well-being and harmony. It is nice to spend time with them. Everyone wants to be in the company of Rabbits because they are pleasant and kind companions, and always share the warm-heartedness with their environment.


This is an animal that belongs to the Yang group. In the European tradition, the Dragon corresponds to Aries. Its element is Tree. The colors that bring it well-being and happiness are yellow and black.

People born under the Dragon sign are gifted individuals. They are generous, persistent, intelligent, and capable of achieving great triumphs. Moreover, Dragons are used to doing everything competently; that’s why these people rarely live in want. And unlike the Rabbit, Dragons can only be revealed in exceptional situations. 

The Dragon sign has many positive qualities. They are characterized by the liveliness of character and charged with enthusiasm, being quite energetic. These people are very neat and meticulous. They try to do everything accurately, and, as a rule, they succeed in this. Dragons are not afraid of defeat and often endowed with good health from childhood.


The Snake belongs to the Yang group. In the Tibetan astrology, this is the sixth sign governed by Fire and associated with Taurus. The lucky colors are green and red.

Snakes are well-mannered and elegant people. They look sophisticated and have something exciting about them. They are polite, sociable, and friendly. Snakes are charming and romantic while attracting much of public attention. They have a great sense of humor, being also excellent conversationalists.

Representatives of this sign have a learning mindset, and they are quick on the uptake. These people are intelligent, deep, and thoughtful. They are thinkers and philosophers. They love reading and make good use of their knowledge. 


The Horse belongs to the Yang group. It is powered by Fire and fiery red color. According to the European zodiac, the Horse is equated with Gemini. These people are active and impatient. They rush towards a target at a great speed but often change direction. Being maximalists, they consider even the smallest problems and troubles a great tragedy. They are ardent and generous, but deep down in their hearts, they are pessimistic folks who often need help. From the outside, they look confident but inside, they are unassertive, so they seek balance and support in others.

Goat (Sheep)

The Goat belongs to both Yang and Fire groups, having blue as its lucky color. If we compare Tibetan and European horoscopes, the Goat (Sheep) corresponds to the sign of Cancer. People born in the current year are charming, elegant, gifted, and could easily live in harmony if they were not such pessimists. Goats (Sheep) have great imagination and inventive power, so they love to spend free time in creativity and reflection.

They can amuse people in any company with their fantasies and easily win the sympathy of others, thanks to their patience and kindness. They do not know how to criticize, and if they are subjected to an attack they can’t rebuff, they seek protection from strong personalities.


The Monkey belongs to the animals of the Yin group. It corresponds to the sign of Leo. Its element is Metal, and the lucky color is purple.

Monkeys are endowed with a nimble mind. This allows them to track events and then act depending on the situation. They boast widely developed imagination, but their sense of indifference is even more developed. Monkeys are constantly changing masks, and it is almost impossible to guess what their real feelings are.

These people are born travelers, and they like a constant change of scenery. They solve other people’s problems quickly, yet without a by-your-leave. They speak in a commanding tone, and it is useless to confront Monkeys –they always win.


The sign of the Rooster belongs to the Yang group. Comparing the Tibetan and European horoscopes, the Rooster corresponds to the sign of Virgo. Its element is metal. The color of luck is yellow.

Roosters are selfish and do not tolerate when something goes contrary to their plan. They care only about their well-being and peace of mind and find it normal. Roosters are indifferent to other people. They love to get the job done, while they hate somebody interfering in their affairs, and do not bother with strangers.


The dog is considered one of the members of the Yin group. It will correspond to Libra, inspired by Metal and dark blue and black colors.

Dogs are not very sociable, but at the same time, they are quite warm-hearted and interesting to others. A person born under the sign has his or her own philosophy already. They are constantly tormented by guilt and unfulfilled desires. They look at the world too soberly, while realizing both their own weaknesses and the weaknesses of people close to them. Their humor seems too gloomy.


As specified in the Eastern horoscope, the Pig belongs to the Yin group and correlates with Scorpio. Water is its fixed element, and blue colors bring them luck. Pigs are pretty good-natured and peaceful people who avoid unrest. They often see a calm and prosperous life as the ultimate goal of their journey. They love luxury and pampered lifestyle, which is why they are materialists. In accord with Chinese astrology, wild boars are the most conscientious animals that embody honesty and justice.

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