13 Jul 2024

Neptune in Astrology

Very often, we miss out the fact that astrology has a connection to mythology as well. For instance, most of you recognize Neptune as one of the planets in our solar system. However, if you date as back as to the times of the Roman Empire, you will learn that Neptune was one of the gods who resided not on Olympus but in the sea. Neptune was a ruler of the seas back in the day. You may think that aside from the name, there is nothing in common between the roman god and astrology. However, it is not quite so.

First things first, you should know that Neptune’s symbol is Trident, which is associated with the weapons of gods not only in Greek but also in Sumerian and Hindu mythologies. 

Neptune represents people’s dreams, illusions as well as delusions and imagination. So, if you know someone who loves to daydream all day long, the chances are that the prominent role in this person’s natal chart is taken by the given planet. What is more, those affected by it are just like the sea – you never know how deep you may dive this time and what you can discover hidden on the bottom. It is also said that people ruled by Neptune are forgiving, compassionate and kind. However, you need to bear in mind that they are very sensitive too. 

As you may have already guessed, today, we are going to talk about Neptune, its role in astrology, and the way it affects various zodiac signs and houses in a birth chart.

Neptune and Zodiac Constellations

It is an interesting fact that it takes the planet as many as 164 years to go through all the zodiac constellations – this is how long it takes for this giant to go around the Sun. Being one of the outer planets along with Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus, it affects whole generations of people and brings in similar moods among them. Prior to having a closer look at what Neptune has to grant to every zodiac sign, you should be aware of the main questions that the planet can bring answers to: 

  • What is the area of my creativity?
  • Which matters confuse me most? 
  • What can spiritually complete me?


You may know a lot about the sign of Aries, but with Neptune in it, things change dramatically. The truth is that Neptune’s influence tends to make you more energetic. What is most important is that you are going to do your best to impress anyone around you. With Neptune in Aries, you will be especially concerned about religion and your personal beliefs. In fact, you may try to make people around you admire your faith and religious drive. On a more negative scale, the unnecessary heroism should be pointed out. When combined with the aggression and impulsiveness of Aries, such a union may cause havoc at times.


If you happen to find yourself craving for anything materialistic, but you are not like that most of the time – it is time for Neptune in Taurus. When the planet is in the given sign, then your thirst for money can build up to unimaginable amounts. People with Neptune in the sign prefer reality and logic to fantasy. They can spot the real worth of some underrated piece of art, but once again, all because of the energy that drives them toward materialistic resources. It seems that there is nothing too negative about that as long as you make a profit, and it fulfills you. However, when you are chasing after big money, it is too easy to lose track of actions and crash your financial state, so you should be rather careful.


With Neptune as the ruler of Gemini, you can expect one to be a great talker and even a greater researcher. For people like that, it is easier than easy to solve logical tasks since it turns out to act naturally. However, those with Neptune in Gemini are incredibly idealistic when it comes to their world view, and sometimes others take advantage of that. It is usually hard for those people to find one place for growing roots since they always have a thirst for something new. Judging from the point of astrology, such an attitude is most likely to bring great losses into the people’s lives. Also, due to the inability to keep gossip they hear to themselves, people with Neptune in Gemini are unlikely to climb the social ladder.


If your chart happens to have Neptune in Cancer, the chances are that you like to cook as well as you like to eat. Even though all those close to you adore this skill, you should be aware of some health issues overeating may lead to. Very often, people like you are very attached to friends and family. However, while they do everything they can to make the loved ones happy, they suffer themselves. The simple truth is that if you want to be able to enjoy your life, it is best to forget about that ideal picture of a family you have in your mind.


For starters, it should be mentioned that many leaders are those who have Neptune in Leo. Such people are very attractive both physically and spiritually. At the very same time, individuals with the planet in Leo love fame and tend to show off often. On the bright side, none of the mentioned qualities influence their ability to be loving and caring partners in life. The only downside is the impulsiveness some people experience when Neptune is in Leo, and sometimes, this may lead to quite disastrous consequences.


If you have Neptune in Virgo, you are very good at anything that concerns the health industry. In the majority of cases, all the great and talented physicians have Neptune in this sign. People like that love two things – perfectionism and their families. Family is the area where they feel the most secure and welcomed. Individuals with Neptune in Virgo are attracted to nature and religion as well. At times, they can become real fanatics centered on either. The attention to minor details may lead to the inability to observe the whole picture when needed.


Those with Neptune in Libra are the ones who seem to be ready to give it all for a nice relationship. However, this may remain one of the dreams if there is not enough work put into that. The fact is that these people are very disciplined and demanding, and this scares many potential partners away. With such an approach, people like you make great politicians. If you wonder how a hard worker who hates vacation time looks like – this would be those with Neptune in Libra, there is no doubt about that.


It is safe to say that Neptune in Scorpio may have the darkest effect on you. When forces of Neptune and Scorpio mix, they form highly spiritual people. However, their spiritual interest is headed towards dark and occult practices. You may want to find the meaning of the universe, but you can lose everything due to strong addictions. In your love life, things are not that bright even though you are highly sexual and passionate. The way you present your sexual side often repels potential partners.


People with Neptune in Sagittarius possess tremendous psychic powers, and thus, esoteric practices attract them greatly. You may feel like you have grasped the meaning of life and figured your place in it. On the other hand, there should be no boundaries to limit them, too, because their thirst for new adventures is overwhelming. It needs to be added that Neptune can bring in some fear of the future, and those who succumb to it, fail at anything, unfortunately.


Those with Neptune in Capricorn know how to set goals and how to achieve them. They know how to make money, and they work for all of that. However, it would be wrong to say that people with such a Neptune placement are centered around fame, quite on the contrary. The attention they pay to every detail makes them incredible perfectionists. However, this urge for perfection may make them fail at the workspace since the world is as far from being ideal as possible. To succeed and live a happy life, those individuals need to accept the truth, though this is not that easy for them.


Let’s put it this way – standard life is not fit for those whose Neptune is in Aquarius. You love life, freedom, and adventure. Anything that puts you in the box drives you insane. However, if you are in search of life-long friends who can be a little selfish at times – Neptune-in-Aquarius people are there for you. Very often, people with Neptune in their charts are somehow attracted to particular religions; however, Aquarius is not on the list. There is almost nothing that would interest an individual like that in any spiritual practice.


When Neptune becomes the ruler of Pisces, it makes those under its influence completely selfless. They literally live to serve others. Sure, it looks strange when some individuals long to follow others, but that is how Neptune affects the sign. When Neptune-in-Pisces people are told to do something, they will try to do it at all costs as long as it is for someone else, not for them. In some cases, those with Neptune in Pisces show great artistic skills, but then various addictions get in the way, and these individuals fail to make the discoveries they could have. It should be mentioned that the slightest misfortune makes them fall apart and abuse addictive substances.

Neptune and Houses 

We know so far that astrology is never that simple, and if there is a planet in your chart, it affects not only the sun sign but also the houses. In the case with the planet Neptune, it is usually related to some confusing, disappointing, or deceptive spheres. There is a bright side to that as well – depending upon the house, you can discover those spheres that inspire you and bring the mystical knowledge into life. We are going to have a closer look at all the connections that astrology has in store for you.

1st House

The relation of Neptune and the First House affects you in an idealistic way. You like to dream a lot, and at times, you get lost in your imagination, and this makes you sad or moody. Besides, being a martyr is your preferred role – you like to feel this way. It is hard to accept the world for what it is. That is why you need to be careful so that it would not crush you at one point or another. It is best to put a lot of thought and attention in everything and everyone surrounding you and make sure the environment is not draining you.

2nd House

People like you are born with great imagination. Everything you dream of is extremely lifelike and vivid. All this brings you to be completely submerged in the world of art. On the other hand, your financial state leaves much to be desired simply because you do not care about money. When you have it – you give it out, and when you don’t – you may try tricky paths to its sources. You’d better find a possible compromise between the two to smooth things somehow.

3rd House

Just like in cases before, if Neptune is in your third house, it brings out your artistic sides. However, your inspiration does not last long – it comes and goes, and this makes you feel negative, and those around you can feel that. All this inner anxiety drives you into alcohol or drug abuse, and you need to learn to control it. Also, if you learn to cooperate with other people well, things may just get a little better.

4th House

To begin with, Neptune has the power to make you see the reality a little more delusional than it actually is. If you trust the Neptune position in the house, then you are a very insecure and scared person. The only place you feel comfortable staying at is your own house. A word of advice would be to reconsider your views and spiritual connections and try to discover some new horizons, one step at a time.

5th House

People with Neptune in the fifth house are often called drama queens, and there is a reason for that. You love the drama and act like this most of the time. Apart from that, you are incredibly creative and lovable. You love the romance, and sometimes you get lost in it. That is why it is best if you control your imagination a little better and recognize the world and people in it for what they are.

6th House

It is all about your work. When you do something, you get lost in it, in a good sense of the word. However, if you face someone who is hypocritical or two-faced, you may get just too upset, and then everything you do comes to nothing. The best possible way out is to find a peaceful atmosphere where you can do what you love, and then you will give it all to it. 

7th House

When Neptune rules the Seventh House, it may bring a lot of confusion to your personal life. The thing is that when you are looking for a partner, you may either seek a person who you think is broken or the one who views you as being crushed. Upon engaging in the relationship, you will treat your partner the way you see him or her, not the way he or she actually is. Such an attitude will rarely have a positive influence on those you love, and you need to realize that.

8th House

They say that honesty is the best policy, and it would be smart for you to stick to it if Neptune happens to be the ruling planet in the Eighth House. You can indeed feel others, but this does not mean that you should try to deceive them any time you see fit. Such an attitude will never serve you well. Helping others, even healing them, may be a better choice for you.

9th House

Neptune indeed has a tendency to make people feel idealistic, but in your case, we should add mysticism and philosophy to the mix. The truth is that prophetic dreams are not a myth for you, and this may throw you into an overly religious environment. On the other hand, you sometimes treat others without any compassion, and this forces people away from you. A word of advice would be to watch closely those you decide to follow. Sometimes, the people you worship turn out to be someone you could never expect them to be.

10th House

If it feels like only bad things happen to you, this is all due to the position of Neptune in the Tenth House. However, those things do not stop you from succeeding at what you do. Usually, your work is connected with something artistic and inspirational, like theater, photography. Try to keep it up without giving in to such destructive substances as drugs and alcohol, and all will be well.

11th House

Astrology claims that those with Neptune in their Eleventh House are usually making poor choices when it comes to choosing friends. You crave to do good, and people make use of you, unfortunately. If you wish your dreams to come true any time soon, you need to cut all the unreliable friends out and head for the set goals. There is nothing impossible for you.

12th House

What astrology has to say about Neptune in the Twelfth House is that it makes you feel lonely. In case you want to find the meaning in your life, you need to choose some spiritual path that will lead you to happiness. At times, it can be an occult or mystical practice. However, as long as it fulfills you, you should follow your heart. Also, you should not forget about the importance of such virtues as love, compassion, and forgiveness.

To sum it all up, astrology is something that we will never understand to the fullest since there are forces beyond our control. On the other hand, if you treat astrology and its teachings well, you may achieve the goals you have never dreamt about. Think about it! 

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