27 May 2024

How to choose a diet according to the zodiac sign

Nowadays dieting is almost like a hobby. People try out new ways and methods to lose weight, do exercise, and go to doctors just to see a desirable weight on a scale. And while some of the methods are always right and healthy like working out and eating less sugar, others can be out of this world.

You’ve definitely heard about different kinds of diets, based on excluding some products or even on fasting for a few days to get in shape. Usually, most people are not aware of the fact that diets like that can do more harm than good and that you always have to consult a doctor before taking such extreme measures.

General vs Specific Diets

There are lots of different common diets like low-carb, Paleo, Atkins, Zone, or the Keto diet. But these diets have one significant disadvantage – they all are general. None of them was created particularly for you. 

But there is also another kind of weight loss program based on the blood type and your zodiac sign. These plans are more targeted and can be more beneficial for your health and body. 

Recommendations on Dieting for Every Sign of the Zodiac

Let’s dive into some details. There are so-called fire signs. They are usually hot-tempered, always on the go and super-energetic. They tend to eat very fast and do not pay much attention to what they consume.

  • Aries – March-April.

These people usually have pretty good health and fast metabolism as they are always full of energy. When Aries notice some weight gains, they tend to start working out like crazy and sometimes even starve themselves to get faster results. Astrologists recommend them to consume foods rich in potassium phosphate (nuts, strawberries, tomatoes, bananas) and vitamin C (rose hips, bell pepper, citrus fruits). Aries will do best on the low-carb diet, and they should include meat and seafood in their meals.

  • Leo –July-August.

People born under the Leo constellation just love delicious food and generous feasts. They are fond of large gatherings with friends, which usually means no shortage of foods. For them, alternating the meetings at the table with physical activity can be a key to getting a slim figure. It is not recommended for Leo to take meals before bedtime. They are advised to consume more protein and refrain from pastry and alcohol. Fresh fruits and vegetables will also be beneficial.

  • Sagittarius –November-December.

Sagittarius are true representatives of the fire signs. They can spend a whole day working and running errands to recognize they are hungry only late at night. In such cases, they should limit the consumption of pastry and fast carbs, as this can lead to weight gain. It’s better to eat more salads and fruits, drink juices and take heed of protein sources like eggs, meat, and fish. Sagittarius’ diet should contain potassium chloride and silica, which can be obtained from mineral water.


Water signs are a lot calmer and more rational. They like to spend their time at home, reading and watching TV, and, of course, to combine this with usually unhealthy snacks. It can be pretty difficult for them to lose weight because they often don’t want to diet and exercise voluntarily.

  • Cancer – June-July.

Cancers are usually strong and enduring, but their weak point is their digestive system. That’s why it’s not recommended for them to experiment with exotic cuisines. Quite to the contrary, they should reduce the consumption of spicy and fatty foods. Astrologers advise them to eat seafood, drink teas and juices – sources of calcium fluoride. Their diet should include garlic, which is rich in selenium.

  • Pisces – February-March.

Pisces just love experimenting and tasting new foods and cuisines. When they notice they have gained some weight, they will try out all possible weight loss tips and diets with the same passion. It is usually recommended for them to refrain from fatty food and sweet drinks while reducing coffee consumption. Fried meals can also be bad for their health. Astrologers advise Pisces to have meals at one and the same time and drink half a glass of mineral water half an hour before a meal.

  • Scorpio – October-November.

Scorpions are very energetic people with no time to spare. They often forget to eat throughout a day. They are advised to choose fractional nutrition. A great option is to include more radishes, pumpkins, carrots, and rice in the diet. It’s better to consume sea salt or cell salt rather than an ordinary option. Adding spices can be beneficial for weight loss and health in general.


Representatives of air signs can be very quick-minded and savvy. These zodiacal signs are very sociable, and therefore they like having large parties of friends with lots of food included. But at the same time, they can be very disciplined when in need to lose some excess weight.

  • Gemini –May-June.

Gemini often experience problems in coping with stress. This can lead to comfort eating, which mostly consists of junk food. Low-calorie diets are usually not suitable for this sign but low-carbohydrate, protein types of nutrition can do a great job. Their diet should be rich in B vitamins and folates: cereals, brown bread, meat, vegetables. Gemini people are prone to allergic diseases, so they might need a hypoallergenic diet.

  • Libra – September-October.

Representatives of this sign can be stressful a lot. Each gained kilogram can make their nervous system suffer. They can experience problems with kidneys, which means that excess fluid, as well as spicy, fatty, and fried foods are not for them. Vice versa, fresh vegetables and fruits, steamed dishes and cereals, especially rice and buckwheat are very useful. 

  • Aquarius – January-February.

This is one of the signs that are very susceptible to dieting. They can easily forgo eating sweets and pastry and switch to salads. Dairy products fit perfectly into a diet plan for Aquarius. This sign can benefit from all types of cereals, fruits, legumes, and products with iron (liver, pomegranate, red meat). They can have health problems with the vascular system, so they are advised to eat seaweed and seafood.


The last but not the least ones are earth signs. They can be very dedicated and stubborn. They often eat clean and try to stay fit exercising every day. In cases of weight gain, they will dedicate themselves to losing it and returning to their best shape.

  • Taurus – April-May.

Taurus guys are initially prone to overweight. They can be slow so their diet should be combined with physical activities and sports. They are passionate about sweets and flour, smoked meats and fats – that’s why they often need to limit themselves. Zodiac specialists recommend them to eat more vegetables, seafood and soups. Berries and fruits of unsweetened groups should be present in their diet plan. Keep in mind that those born under the sign often have lactose intolerance.

  • Capricorn – December-January.

Capricorn can be very radical. These people switch to diet and start eating healthy with ease. To lose a few extra pounds, Capricorns should consume more vegetables and dairy products. They often have trouble with bones so they need calcium to maintain their bone health (by consuming fermented milk products, cheeses). Proteins are beneficial as well, especially those derived from fish and eggs. Eating vegetables and fruits in combination with vegetable oils are also advised.

  • Virgo – August-September.

Virgo is the most pedantic of all signs. They approach their nutrition wisely and consistently. This sign can have a weak intestine, so the food should be as delicate as possible. Plant milk diets with a minimum of animal fats are very useful for them. Cheeses, salads, and fermented milk products will also work fine. They usually suffer from a deficiency of calcium and vitamins, and such a diet will be just perfect for them.


Of course, some people don’t believe in astrology, and therefore they think that diets based on zodiac signs make no sense. However, they stem from the years of studying human nature and determining some major features for each sign of the zodiac. Simply put, your character can affect the way you take meals, and these zodiac-based plans just give you recommendations on how you can eat healthier. The better way is to use these tips as general advice and always make sure to talk to your doctor before going to extremes.


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