27 May 2024

How the Parade of Planets Affected the Zodiac Sign

Not all of you may believe in horoscopes, but everyone likes to read through one whenever it comes to hand. There is nothing shameful about it, so you shouldn’t worry. However, very often people think that all that astrology is just about Zodiac signs and horoscopes. We have to mention that there is much more to astrology than just horoscope reading. You can learn a lot about your personality by reading planets too. That is precisely what we are going to discuss today – the way the planets affect different signs and what that means in detail.

It needs to be stated that this movement represents much more than mere action. The way the planets move results in precise events that take place in our lives. It is hard to admit for some people, but astrology is closely connected to everything that goes on in the world. If you know what to pay attention to, you can not only spot some patterns but read the whole story. 

Of course, when you think about your personal influence on the course of events, it may seem quite insignificant. However, astrology is that particular science that explains which piece of the puzzle you are and where you should fit in the universe. We know it may sound a little too pompous, but it is just how it is, and there is nothing you can do to change it but to discover and accept.

The Basics

So, how does this whole thing work? We are going to start with the basics of the process and then move on to closer examination. The fact is that all the planets including the Sun and the Moon represent peculiar energy of every Zodiac member. There is such a thing as a natal chart that is special for every person on earth. This natal chart is the unique position planets and constellations take at the moment of birth. 

Apart from the special position that planets take when we are born, there is one more thing to consider – whether these are inner or outer planets we are talking about here. It should be clarified that inner planets are those that move faster when it comes to the Zodiac, and for outer planets, it takes a lot longer to pass through the circle. Mercury, Mars, Venus, the Sun and the Moon are the inner type of planets which affect people on a highly personal level. All the remaining planets belong to the outer category, and they affect generations rather than individuals at that point.

To put it simply, every planet is entitled to a separate sign. The planet that is associated with a peculiar sign is that one that projects some of your personal traits. If you are eager to find out something interesting about your natal chart, it is best to start with a ruling planet. Today we are going to discuss all the planets and zodiacal signs which are connected with each other and what they stand for.

The Sun

The Sun is a planet that rules Leo. It is literally the center of all. The Sun stands for a healthy image and basic traits as well as general needs that the given sun sign has. All the mentioned features make you who you are. All the energy that comes from the Sun is what drives your life ambitions. The Sun is the planet that helps you see those invisible lines you shouldn’t cross so that your essence could remain uncompromised. Of course, there are some inner conflicts at times, and the Sun is the ruling planet that provides you with all the necessary answers and solutions to deal with the crisis.

If it happens so that you repress the power of the Sun, it may lead not only to a personal crisis but even to self-hatred and insecurity. Such an approach may trick some people into thinking that they can fool themselves as well as others by wearing a mask of positivity while feeling broken inside. The worst-case scenario is that you will end up stealing energy from others and making yourself feel better at the cost of people who are close to you.

What the Sun does is that it provides the necessary pride, self-confidence as well as the energy required for healthy and happy existence.

The Moon

While the Sun is the center, the Moon is the heart. The Moon is responsible for most of our emotions. Anything that makes you feel happy or secure is ruled by the Moon. The way you react to certain life situations is governed by the Moon. The truth is that when it is all about the emotional and not rational part of you, it is the effect that the Moon has. Astrology proves that the Moon explains why some people care for others more than for themselves. 

At the same time, the Moon can show your weak sides and the ways that you are vulnerable. To put it simply, the Moon can tell you what you need most in this life. Also, it is the Moon that shows what may cause emotional pain to you. 

However, there is the dark side of the Moon too, and you had better be well-aware of it. The truth is that when that dark side comes up, people start acting irrationally and in a childish way. Very often, this side comes up when you are in a relationship in which you are the only one who cares while no one takes care of you. So, it is best to keep out of such relationships. 

Lastly, the Moon rules Cancer.


Mercury is the planet that rules two signs – Gemini and Virgo. There are a lot of overlapping elements in astrology, but this does not mean that something is yet undiscovered – it merely stands for the fact that some things may coincide. 

It is important to remember that not only your Zodiac placement predicts the way you think, act or talk, but Mercury does that too. This very planet explains the precise ways you may use to solve any issues. The same goes for the way you learn some things. Mercury defines the fields of your interests and the things you are particularly curious about. 

Not everyone knows, but Mercury can be the same as the Zodiac sign you are born under or that one that comes after it. It needs to be clarified that when Mercury is retrograde, people who are born during that phase are very introspective and have great intuition. This means that a person born during that phase will never talk before weighting all the words and ideas.

Those who are born when Mercury is stationary are very talkative, but they still like to think about what they say and not vice versa.


You may not be into astrology, but you surely know what the planet of love is. Of course, it is Venus we are talking about. You may not know it, but it is already predicted the way you are going to rule your romantic relationships. The way you attract people and those who you consider being attractive are governed by Venus. All that you are looking for in a partner or a relationship is already predefined. All you need to do is to get to know about it and apply it to your life.

Apart from the love side of your life, Venus rules the financial state of things. It is stated that your financial state may be not that satisfying when you are young, but it tends to get better as you get older. Strangely, but the same is true when it comes to your love life.

People who are born when Venus is retrograde are very comfortable around those they know well. Those who are born when Venus is stationary are highly active when it comes to social life. Besides, there is a great chance that you will find your one and only true love as well as succeed in the financial field if you follow the signs.

As a matter of fact, Venus is a female planet, and in ancient astrology, it has been used to define the way a woman attracts a man. However, in modern astrology, gender does not matter when it comes to planets, although things are a little different as to the Zodiac. 


There is a reason why they named Mars after the god of war. Ancient people might not have access to all the tools and devices that we have now, but they were able to come up with precise descriptions, which are applied to astrology up till now.

The truth is that Mars is the planet that rules all the feelings and emotions connected to aggression. You shouldn’t think about it all in a negative connotation. Your sex drive and desire to conquer are also related to that definition of aggression. Mars rules Aries, and it is also responsible for your motivation and initiative. Very often, the confidence that some people possess is pre-defined by Mars.  

People ruled by Mars are usually strong not only physically but also mentally. Mars is responsible for the stability that allows you to define and take what is yours. Very often, that involves certain risks, but that is what makes things even more interesting.

Retrograde Mars defines those who do not like to be confronted, and stationary Mars calls for action. 

It needs to be added that Venus and Mars are connected in a way. While Venus stands for female energy, Mars stands for the male one.


At times it is hard to spot the connection between astrology and philosophy, but Jupiter may turn out to be that missing link you haven’t known about. Jupiter is the planet that affects your attitude toward life, and it influences your thoughts and beliefs. Deriving from that, your ethics are formed. Jupiter grants you the knowledge necessary to benefit from what you know. The planet points out what you should take advantage of to make money.

There are times when it is more than difficult to get out of your comfort zone, but in order to get some new experience, you need to do that. This is precisely what Jupiter is responsible for, and it grants you the necessary faith that helps you succeed in the process. However, you need to keep in mind that it is too easy to get carried away and stumble across a failure due to the inability to deal with what you get involved in. This is why you should find that perfect balance to feel lucky all the time.

It is said that Jupiter rules over philosophy, religion, and law. Apart from that, it rules Sagittarius

Those who were born under retrograde Jupiter are highly philosophical, but they rarely share their thoughts and beliefs. People born under stationary Jupiter love to share their ideas and views.


If there is one planet that is responsible for both hard work and limits, that would be Saturn. Surely, no one likes boundaries or limits, but there are times when they are merely irreplaceable. Many people try and push the limits when they are fully aware of what they can’t do. Sometimes it works out well, but sometimes the outcome is anything but pleasant. That is what Saturn defines – do not push too hard, or it may turn out to be something unexpectedly negative.

The truth is that Saturn is the planet of ambitions at the same time. It may sound quite controversial when combined with the previous statement, but it is the way it works. The planet is all about life lessons, which will help you figure out where to set a limit.

In the majority of cases, Saturn in your birth chart affects your career, and even if it doesn’t, it still points you in the right direction career-wise. If you are born under retrograde Saturn, you are usually the one who is responsible for all victories and losses while stationary Saturn programs you to set and achieve goals no matter the cost.


It does not matter whether we are talking about history or astrology here, both share some cases when the society forces an individual to be just like others. In the majority of cases, these are not bad ideas to follow. However, when someone represses your freedom of expression, it may be tough to deal with. That is when Uranus steps in. The fact is that if you are looking for a rebellious star in astrology, this is surely Uranus.

The way the planet affects you is that it shows the taste of freedom and independence. The influence the planet has upon individual lives is all about rapid changes, unbelievable opportunities, and strange accidents and events. Those of you who have experienced the miracle of love at first sight – that would be the power of Uranus.

There are also times when some decision or solution just strikes you, and this is also the influence of Uranus on your life. 

One more thing about the rebellion. You shouldn’t rebel just because you see Uranus on your chart, no. You should opt for a change when it feels like there is no other way to break free and become who you are to the fullest extent.


It is difficult to say that there are good and bad planetary bodies in astrology. However, there are some of them that astrology views as those which have rather negative than positive influence. To clear things out a little, it needs to be mentioned that Neptune is considered to be responsible for all addictions. As you may already know, addictions are rarely about anything good.

On the bright side, Neptune is the planet that triggers your imagination and creative side. That is why so many artists are ruled by this planet. Neptune is the planet that allows you to escape from reality and travel into the realm of Neptune. Some people view it as a precious experience, but it is very easy to get lost in the mystical reality and then never find your way back. 

If you were born when Neptune was retrograde, the longing to escape from reality would be merely irresistible, while those who were born during the stationary phase are most likely to become famous artists. Neptune also rules Pisces


The truth is that Neptune and Pluto are the two darkest horses in astrology. While the first one throws you into an imaginary realm, the latter puts you into a survival mode. What does that mean? To elaborate, it is enough to ask – has it ever felt like you are losing it all and there is no way out? Well, that is the effect that Pluto produces.

Of course, such a thing can’t be viewed from a negative perspective only. As a matter of fact, such life lessons and tests help us realize what we are capable of and where is the limit if there is any.

You needn’t forget that at times it feels like you are stuck and there is no other path to take but to remain still. That is when Pluto gives you a push. We will admit it that such a push is never gentle, rather the opposite of it, but it is necessary to make your move again.

When Pluto is retrograde, astrology views it as the simple fact that no matter how strong your inner beliefs are, they will change. The stationary phase indicates that there is a lot of strength in your hands, and it is up to you to decide whether to view it positively or negatively.

To sum everything up, it is safe to say that astrology is not a precise science. That is why so many people undermine the importance of astrology and everything it comes with. However, astrology is one field that helps you understand yourself on a deeper level, and no one can say that it is a bad thing. The more you learn about what makes you take certain decisions or behave in a certain way, the better you will be at controlling your life.

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