13 Jul 2024

Mundane Astrology

If you are just a beginner in the world of astrology, you may not know that there are various branches of it too. Apart from horoscopes, birth charts, and houses that affect every zodiac sign, there are the same notions that refer to countries too. The branch of astrology that is responsible for this field is called mundane. It may seem unclear why the word mundane is used for describing astrology since, in its habitual sense, it means something usual and ordinary. However, if you translate the word Mundus, which is Roman for World, you will get the point.

Mundane astrology is sometimes also called Political astrology. The fact is that this branch is one of the oldest among multiple astrology types. Nothing goes without its impact when it comes to events taking place in a certain country. It may be independence or revolution, but the stars predict everything – all you need is to be able to read certain signs.

Even though mundane astrology originates from one of the oldest branches, it is not that popular at the moment. Indeed, living in 2019, it seems strange to believe in mundane astrological predictions as to the development of nations. Meanwhile, there are many astrologers who specialize in this area. When it comes to certain predictions concerning particular countries, in the majority of cases, they are nothing but short-termed glimpses of what is going to come.

If we dive back in history, it would be safe to say that mundane astrology came to us from ancient Babylon. However, popular astrologers divide the development of this astrology branch into three periods. 

The first one goes back to the time of Tetrabiblos, which was created by Ptolemy in 120 AD in Greece and which became the first popular book on astrology that gained popularity. The second started in the 9th century when Islamic astrologers took an interest in this area of astrology. The last period is attributed to the 20th century, and it is the closest to our mundane everyday life.

How Does This Work?

If you happen to be at least familiar with how regular astrology works, it won’t take you long to see the way mundane astrological predictions are composed. If we take an individual approach, it is all about particular zodiac signs, while mundane astrology uses the same approach but towards nations and/or countries. 

You may say that for building your own birth chart, a specific date is required. The very same goes for mundane astrological forecasts too. However, in this case, another official date is taken into consideration. It may be the Independence Day date, a certain leader’s birth or inauguration date, and so on.

Many people wonder how useful this field of astrology is. To tell the truth, the world is not at its safest these days. There are many countries competing or even being at war with each other. With the help of this astrological knowledge, people who are trained in it can come up with certain helpful predictions. At times the stars may predict a good or dire outcome, and astrology points out the best route to take for getting out of the rain. For instance, if your country is in the after-revolution state, it can help the nation understand why the revolution has happened and why it was necessary.

We have mentioned it that just like the zodiacal astrology you know, its mundane branch has a natal chart for every country. Each natal chart is created by taking into account certain positions of planets and houses. When it comes to political astrology, the position of the planets is of great importance. However, those planets that matter most are the ones that orbit beyond a particular planet – Saturn. They are also named transcended planets.  

The position those planets are lined up in usually predicts some general events that will happen around the globe. As for specific countries, each has its own natal chart which starts at the date when the country was founded. Apart from that, you should not forget that there is also another aspect that can affect a country’s course – one of its rulers. It needs to be pointed out that the moment a particular person becomes a ruler, his or her individual chart should not be applied to predict the fate of the country. There is a little secret you need to consider before you vote for another ruler. A ruler’s countrymen are represented by his or her Moon. As you may understand, the stronger the Moon is, the better the ruler will be in representing the country’s interests.

Let’s not forget that houses are also essential when it comes to planning a country’s mundane horoscope. It is easy to assume that the houses in both individual and national natal charts will represent the same, but that would be the wrong assumption since, in a country’s mundane horoscope, the houses will bear an entirely different meaning, and we will discuss this as we move on.

Planets in Political Astrology

All the planets in mundane astrology have particular meaning depending on the areas they exert influence on. Each planet is equally important since no field or area cannot exist without interaction with one another.

The Sun

Of course, we are going to begin the list with the Sun. Not only because it is the biggest planet but also because it represents authority. There is no wonder why during the past centuries kings were often referred to as the Sun of the nation. It does not matter what type of authority is the leading one in your country. You need to remember that a president, monarch or Prime minister is always the Sun. Also, the Sun represents all champions as well as heroes of the country.

The Moon

It may be not that difficult to figure out that in case the Sun represents a ruler, the Moon is supposed to represent regular people. So it is, in fact. What is more, the particular position of the planet in a chart will indicate the general moods of the people. It will present what they pay the most attention to.


When it comes to Mercury, you may remember it from mythology that it was the governor of trade and traders. In political astrology, the representation is very similar. However, apart from traders, the planet governs the intellectual field too. All writers, publishers and other related folks are ruled by Mercury. It covers a literary world, newspapers, publishers, ambassadors, trade and commerce, and the intellectual world. A nation's communication and telecoms industry, as well as local transport issues are also impacted by this planet. 


Venus is the planet of love; however, in political astrology, it is the ruler of women and everything related. You can think of birth rates, marriages, and other social issues. Apart from that the planet also represents creative folks too, such as artists and various creators and inventors. 


This one is easy to guess too since you know that Mars is the planet of war. It is simple to come up with the assumption that it rules over all the spheres connected to the military state of a country.


This may seem a little strange, but Jupiter is the ruler of both religion and legal system. At first sight, there is nothing in common about these institutions, but if you think about it, both claim to abide by laws. Also, the planet represents the financial state of a country, its wealth and banking system.


We have mentioned it that the Moon is the ruler of people, but there is another representative for the elderly as well. As you may have already guessed, this is Saturn. However, that is not the only sphere of the planet’s influence. It also influences a death rate in a country, as well as of natural disasters. Funeral parlor owners are represented by Saturn too.


Uranus is responsible for unpleasant notions connected to riots and outbreaks. All the right-wing and fascist ideas belong to its sphere of influence. Though not a very positive representative of the list, but these things exist in every country, and there is barely anything we can do about it.


If Uranus supports the right-wing ideas, Neptune, in its turn, is all for socialists and left-wing politicians. 


It would be safe to state that all the areas that Pluto rules over are anything but new for modern society. Political affairs, crime, espionage, and violence are those particular fields the planet represents.

Houses in Political Astrology 

There are twelve houses in astrology. You may even know what certain houses stand for in your individual natal chart so it is easy to assume that the same would apply to a country’s chart. However, that is not true, and that’s why we need to explain, house by the house, what they mean for nations.

The 1st House

The first house stands for a country and its people as a whole. What does it mean? It means that the house represents prosperity and also the health of citizens. However, there is a darker side to it, too, since it may as well represent poverty and diseases of a nation.

The 2nd House

The second house is closely connected with a country’s wealth resources. It does not mean natural resources only: this concerns stock exchange and money markets as well. Everything that is connected with money or money-making is represented by this particular house.

The 3rd House

The peculiarity of the third house is that it governs not only a certain country but its neighboring countries as well. Also, the house rules all means of communication and transportation. Be it railways or a post office, the Internet or social networks – everything is ruled by the same house. 

The 4th House

The fourth house is dedicated to land. This means that all mines and farmlands, as well as people involved in these spheres, are influenced by the house. The house also rules contrasting and opposed things: let’s say, common folks and kings, democrats and aristocrats, and so on.

The 5th House

Of course, it would be strange if there were no houses to rule the sphere of entertainment, and that is what the fifth house is responsible for. Starting with houses of ill fame and ending with theatres – all kinds of amusements are included. It should be mentioned that gambling is also one of the components of the entertainment industry.

The 6th House

The sixth house represents the medical side of a nation. The house rules over health but also diseases and epidemics, and health services are governed by the house too.

The 7th House

We have discussed half of the houses so far, but none of them has been said to be responsible for the state of foreign affairs. There is no wonder why since it is the responsibility of the seventh house. It governs a country’s relations with other countries. The relations can be friendly or otherwise – still, this one house guides them. Also, this particular house is blamed for divorce rates as well as praised for marriage rates.

The 8th House

There are two spheres of the influence of the eighth house. The first one concerns the morality of society, death rates, and related responsibilities, while the second one is about financial relations between a given country and other states.

The 9th House

This house also has different fields it is responsible for. The primary one is all about international traffic. It can be sea transport or airplanes, passengers or cargo. Another field of its influence is religion, and all the people and components related to the spiritual life.

The 10th House

The tenth house may seem like the most important one since it is connected with the authorities of a country. Presidents, monarchs, governments and so on – all the branches of power are covered.

The 11th House

The eleventh house is the easiest to describe since all that it governs are a parliament and other councils.

The 12th House

Some people name the twelfth house as the most contradictive one since it rules both prisons and hospitals. The criminal world and mental institutions are governed by the same house. Do not forget about secret societies and various occult sects and religious views.

To sum everything up, it is safe to say that political astrology in its original meaning may differ greatly from the astrology that we have described here. It is all due to the fact that it is 2019 outside, and there are almost no limits and boundaries when it comes to research and development of certain areas. However, no matter the range of possibilities this branch of astrology may reveal, it is still not that deeply researched and actively applied to our daily life as zodiacal astrology we are used to. Judging by everything stated above, if we pay a little more attention to what the planets and the houses have to tell us, we may change this world for better and save our planet from destruction by our own hands.


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