22 Mar 2023

What is the Best Zodiac Sign?

For many years, people have been asking the age-old question: which of the zodiac signs is the best?

To be completely honest, there is no straightforward answer. Each of the signs has its advantages and drawbacks. Moreover, each advantage might be viewed as a disadvantage by some people and vice versa.

Here we will discuss the most prominent features of the signs and you can decide for yourself, which one looks the best.

Fire Signs


Positives: Aries are generally adventurous and ready to take the risk. They are also versatile and not afraid of widening their horizons. The energy they exhibit is overflowing and filled with passion.

Negatives: for some people Aries might come across as overly proud. They are also stubborn and opinionated, which might be hard for others to handle. With the high energy they tend to make impulsive decisions without giving them a second thought.


Positives: Leos are open-hearted and ready to share their kindness with the world. They like to spread the positive vibes around to brighten the mood of others. Interestingly enough, their kindness comes with straightforwardness and speaking their mind.

Negatives: Leos have strong opinions and it is almost impossible to change them. Do not mess with their ego, for it is fragile. Despite their giving nature, they are exceedingly possessive of their personal belongings.


Positives: Sagittarians are filled with optimism, which helps them to remain positive even at the most challenging times. They always tell what is on their mind, even if the truth is not pleasant to hear. They are clever and curious about many things.

Negatives: sometimes Sagittarius people can go too far with speaking their truths. It might be helpful for them to learn how to sweeten the pill a little bit. They have little patience, which often means judging people by their looks and not being able to see what is inside.

Earth Signs


Positives: People with Taurus placement are known for their generosity, even if it causes losses for themselves. You can always depend on them whatever the situation is. Their patience helps them remain persistent and achieve their goals.

Negatives: Their stubbornness can sometimes go as far as refusing to listen to compelling arguments. Their laziness can be beaten only with the right motivation; otherwise, they will not move an inch. They are also considered quite possessive.


Positives: Virgos will stand out due to their intelligence and being able to join any conversation. They are perfectionists, making sure that they give 100%. You can rely on Virgos in any situation and be sure that they will do their job just perfectly.

Negatives: Their attention to details sometimes goes overboard turning into a fuss. Virgos do not like to pick the words in order to make others feel better, they will speak their mind no matter how harsh it is.


Positives: Capricorns definitely have big ambitions and confidence in what they do. Other people love to rely on the wisdom of Capricorns. With their patience and ambitions, they are able to achieve any goal.

Negatives: Despite being confident, Capricorns tend to be pessimists. They often feel like they are not doing enough. They are self-conscious, which often makes them look selfish to others. They are quite reserved and do not get personal easily.

Air Signs


Positives: The versatility of Gemini allows them to enjoy many different things and find new opportunities. Their pure enthusiasm carries through anything they decide to do. They are fun people to be around and chat with. Their humor is never tiring.

Negatives: Gemini might be versatile, but they are rarely able to focus on one thing for long. Being so inconsistent is definitely their flaw. They tend to take more than they can handle, which often leads to anxiety.


Positives: Libras are desperate romantics. Not only they have strong feelings themselves, but they also respect the others in this sense and act tactfully. They like to find balance in every decision they take, in order to please everyone as much as possible.

Negatives: The looks are important to Libras to the point they might just brush off the inner beauty of a person. They change their mind pretty quickly because they take opinions of others seriously. It is always hard for them to make their own decisions.


Positives: People of this placement are fun and humorous, they are a joy to be friends with. They are charitable and continue trying to improve everything surrounding them. They are loyal in relationships and always keep their promises.

Negatives: They are often hard to follow, because you never know what they are going to do next. They have a hard time opening their hearts to others because they are afraid of losing their freedom. They are also quite stubborn.

Water Signs


Positives: Cancers are known for their flowing imagination and creativity. They act intuitively, benefiting from spontaneous decisions. They are loyal and generous, caring about their loved ones greatly. They really love their close ones.

Negatives: One of the drawbacks is their mood swings. They can easily become pessimistic if something does not go as they expected. They are really emotional and tend to remember anything that hurt them.


Positives: Scorpios really know how to stay focused on their task. You can always trust them, because they will remain by your side no matter what. Their ambitions are great, and Scorpios will be motivated to achieve their goals and receive recognition.

Negatives: This sign is known for being overly possessive. They are easily hurt and offended, which makes them want to return the favor. They are no strangers to manipulation if it comes to getting things done as they want to.


Positives: Pisces can think out of the box due to their vivid imagination. They are kind and caring, making sure to treat everybody equally and nice. They tend to help others no matter what, completely forgetting about themselves.

Negatives: Usually Pisces have pretty low self-esteem and can lose motivation easily. Their sensitivity is the reason they can blow things out of proportion. They can be truly pessimistic if something does not meet their expectations.

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