24 Apr 2024

How to Get Rid of the Curse

Is your boss yelling at you all the time? Or, maybe, you ruined your favorite blouse with a hot iron accidentally? Or your boyfriend dared to say that you’ve got a couple of extra kilos over the last week? Well, it looks like you knew better days, and bad luck is chasing you step by step.

Of course, you can ignore such trivial concerns, mainly, if they occur very rarely. But what if all the problems come on you in one day? Well, in this case, it becomes easier to believe in the existence of dark magic and curses.

What is a curse, and what can it do with your life and personal stuff? How to distinguish evils from pure bad luck? And most importantly – what methods help to deal with it? Read right now in our article.

What Is a Curse?

Words can hurt you more than a knife – this simple truth has been known to mankind for centuries. It is the foundation upon which any curse or hex is built. And if in ancient times imprecations were accredited with a mystical meaning, modern psychology finds an entirely rational explanation for this.

In a general sense, hex or curse is the opposite of blessing. Curse words are born in a fit of anger or despair, and they are always aimed at harming, expressing hostility and hatred to a person. Each person treats them differently:

  • For believers, a curse causes deep resentment and fear that evil words can harm in real life. Moreover, love is the central commandment of any religion, so a curse is considered a great sin. Those who thoughtlessly pronounce thunders need to repent immediately, to confess and ask God for help and protection. The person also needs to pray for those whom he or she has cursed.
  • Another curious thing is that curses can hurt people with more atheistic views because of powerful psychological influence. A strong emotion like that can simply knock the person off-balance. Also, insults and intimidations can make the person feel stressed out again and again. In the end, this powerful moral effect can influence a person’s health or cause mental trouble. And the curse won’t be the cause of this trouble at all. But the fact that the person won’t be able to concentrate fully on his or her affairs will be quite a reason. The person will become absent-minded, which means that he or she will make mistakes more often.

Self-hypnosis generally plays an influential role in cases of dark spells. The whole concept of malediction is built on believing in the power of words. Thus, anyone can lose their concentration after such stress. 

So, if you feel that you are cursed – just start a fight. But before plunging in the battle with demons, just try to determine its type.

Curses Types 

It is thought to be several types of curses:

  • An accidental spell comes up during outbursts of anger or despair when the person cannot control himself or herself.
  • Intentional spells emerge when the person speaks nastiness on purpose. In this case, the curse can be aimed not at another person, but his or her house, business, family, parents, children, and any other sphere of life.
  • A specific curse is sent to any material objects or organs: heart, lungs, liver, eyes, genitals. For example, infertility or impotence. Also, it can be aimed at cash flows.
  • An undefined spell appears when the person simply spills out all his or her negativity on an object (coins, knives, etc.) and throws it away. So, anyone who picks up such a cursed item in the street runs the risk of becoming an undefined curse victim.

Everybody knows that spells and curses are sent by a black magician or an evil witch. But the fact that an ordinary person can give malediction is not so well known. In magical sciences, there are some theories that a curse can be expressed by any person who, in a fit of anger, wishes someone trouble, illness, etc. Moreover, the strength of a curse depends on the physical condition and social status of the person. Evil spells become more dangerous when they are cast by people of religious or political authority. Those hexes and curses that come from representatives of an underclass, such as homeless, are also considered to be powerful. The words of sick people or those who are dying are immensely forceful as well. Curses of a dying person are considered the most influential since all the negative energy of the process falls upon a victim.

Hexes are also divided by their timeline:

  • First-generation curses mean that the spell is given to a person for the first time. It is easier to remove it than the one that passes from grandparents and parents.
  • An ancestral curse provokes the situation when the evil spell is passed down for generations and becomes stronger with every newborn child. It moves from father to son, from mother to daughter. The older the curse is, the more difficult it is to remove it.

According to their purpose, hexes are also divided into:

  • Fatal spells are aimed solely at destroying an enemy. This is a curse that brings death not only to one person but to the whole clan or family. Imprecations of this category are caused by using various components, for instance, land taken from a grave with the same name as the cursed person has.
  • Malicious rituals include harm, both physical and psychological. Such curses bear madness, collapse, decline, ruin, disease, grief, and suffering.

How to Distinguish a Curse from Bad Luck

Usually, the following manifestations are observed in cursed people:

  • physical and emotional restlessness;
  • recurring or chronic diseases;
  • infertility or related female and male problems;
  • marriage failure and issues with a soul mate;
  • constant lack of money or poverty;
  • ongoing minor troubles and losses;
  • troubled relationships with parents or children.

All these manifestations are quite common in the lives of millions. Just because the situations mentioned earlier happen to a vast number of people, not everyone has the moral strength to cope with them on their own. At this stage, the person’s confidence that he or she was cursed increases most often. So, a ritual of protection from a curse can have a “placebo” effect by helping the person to get rid of this conviction and gain positive energy.

Curse Protection Methods

It is a good idea to clean the house before you step up to remove the curse. Cleaning helps when you need to make an evil spell weaker. You can use one of the following rituals:

  • Cleaning with a broom. On Monday, on a waning moon, you need to buy a new broom. Then you will have to cast a spell on it at home by saying the following words: “The evil force, leave me! Torture these rods, dry them, kill them, but do not touch me and leave me forever.” Then you need to sweep the house with this broom. You need to move in the direction of the front door. After that, you need to take the broom to a wasteland and burn it. All the way home, you shouldn’t look back.
  • Cleaning with salt. You will need to pour salt onto the bottom of a pan, and then draw a large cross on it with a metal fork. In each of the resulting four squares, draw other crosses. Then set a pan on fire and warm it up well. You should stir the salt moving from right to left, saying: “I’m not burning salt, but I’m frying my enemies on fire, I burn troubles, I remove witchcraft. Let (the names of all suspected in spell-making) set me free, they will leave me behind, they will take away their evil, and they won’t touch me anymore.” After the ritual, you will need to throw the salt away onto a crossroads. Such a ceremony not only cleans the house but also returns every terrible thing to the sender. The rite does not do any harm to innocent people.
  • Cleaning by fire. On waning Friday moon, lock yourself in a room, set a lighted candle in front of you and read the spell: “Fire burns the evil out of me, expels troubles, saves from devils and demons, leads away from filthy deads, destroys terrible curses, leaves good.” You will have to repeat the words until the candle burns to the end. Then bury the remains of the wax under an aspen.

Cleaning can be done once or daily for a week. After cleaning, you can proceed with a protection rite against illnesses and curses.

Water and Silver Rite 

We may recommend one popular and straightforward method that helps to get rid of any curse influence. You will need:

  • new glass;
  • spring water or meltwater;
  •  silver jewelry.

Perform the ritual every evening by reading special words over the water: “Let everything go into the water, and any words said by a man or a demon – let the water absorb everything, let the water take it from me.” Next, you need to drop the jewelry into the glass, leave it for the night, and put it on in the morning. Silver attracts curses, so it will take a spell from you if you have one. During the next rite, the jewelry will give all the negativity back to the water. So you need to change the water every time. It will serve as an excellent guard against magical attacks. 

Rite with a Photo and Candles

If a person knows who the caster is, then he or she can try and cast a spell on the offender using a photo. For the ritual, you will need:

  • candles (as many as your age);
  • coarse salt;
  • photo of the offender;
  • black cloth.

The ceremony should be carried out in the evening. It is essential to remove all unnecessary items from the room, move the furniture to the walls and free up space. It is also necessary to arrange the candles in a circle, light them and pour a thick layer of salt in the center of the candle circle. The ceremony must be carried out barefoot. You need to stand on the salt and say a spell until the candles burn out completely:

“Someone gave birth, gave milk to a child, protected innocent from everything. You attacked me, didn’t show any good. Like salt is salty, so my word is strong: you cannot attack me, through a raptor, or a beast, or through a devil, or through a person, to harm me. The fire burns – my word lives, the fire goes out – my word is fulfilled.”

You should collect all the residues from the candles and put them in the cloth with the photo and salt. Then you will need to bury this package under a tree. From time to time, you can leave honey, ribbons, or metal bells in that place. As a token of gratitude, a being that lives in the tree will support the power of the spoken words and help the person protect himself or herself from curses. Make sure to avoid telling anyone about the ritual, or it will lose strength.

Female Curse Rite

Older women often envy the youth and the beauty of young girls. To get rid of the negative energy of extreme envy, a girl will need to perform a special protective ritual, using:

  • a new knife;
  • a glass of pure spring water;
  • some salt.

You can perform the ritual at any time of the day. Pour the salt into the water and cast a spell over the glass:

“Let the water flow in front of my doorstep, to (the name of women) and her evil words. Block the road to me. With a sharp knife, I close the road for curses, I don’t let them in, I turn them into good.”

Put the knife in the glass and keep it there for three days. Next, you need to bury the knife under the doorsteps and splash the water on the steps. If you live in an apartment, then just stick the knife into the doorframe of the front door and pour the water on it. In this way, you can permanently protect yourself from female curses.

There are more extreme rites, the origins of which go straight to black magic. The next ritual will even seem cruel for animal lovers. But there’s nothing we can do – witchcraft can’t be innocent. You will need for the ceremony:

  • a black scarf from wool;
  • a sharp knife;
  • an alive black chicken (for women) or a black cock (for men);
  • nine 5-cent coins;
  • wax candles.

This spell is black and appeals to dark forces and demons, so it will be better to remove a cross pendant if you wear it. On Tuesday or Saturday, go to a crossroad. You will need to spread the scarf there and kill the bird with one blow. At least three drops of blood should fall to the ground. Then you should say the next spell three times:

“Blood to the earth, but a demon for me! Come, come, drink hot blood, stand behind my back, take the curse away from me, protect me. Take all you need from my enemy.”

Afterward, you should tie up the bird’s body in a handkerchief, throw coins over your left shoulder and go home without looking back. If you hear footsteps behind – don’t be scared. It might be a demon who came to help you. Don’t be afraid of him: he wouldn’t harm the caster if the person did everything right. At home, spread the handkerchief again, light a candle and read the spell over the dead bird’s body thirteen times:

"The bird has a feather, the enemy has his words, but I do not need them, let these words fall to the ground, let them go back to my enemy. From now on I can’t be cursed."

It is important to pluck the bird and remove its inners while the candle is burning. They need to be boiled with feathers for about 30 minutes and then thrown away into a trash can. The next day you need to cook a chicken or a rooster in this water and give the meat to the person from whom curses are expected. He or she should eat at least one piece. You should feed the rest of the meat to stray animals. You should also place the bloodstained handkerchief under an aspen or willow. After about three days, the curse defense activates. The ritual manages to deplete the person in such a way that he or she will have no strength to continue any destructive work. 

Protective rites with sacrifices are believed to have a substantial effect. The thing is that the energy of a sacrificed alive being is more powerful than that of an inanimate object. But you need to be immensely careful with these rituals. After all, they are all aimed at challenging evil otherworldly forces. Also, carrying out this kind of ceremony can worsen a person’s psychological state. Indeed, killing a living creature has no pleasant or aesthetic effect.

Believe or not believe – in the case of curses, it is a personal choice. You can be upset because of all the troubles that are happening to you. Still, you can learn to see decisive moments in any situation. After all, a spoiled blouse can become a reason for your favorite shopping trip. So, think simple and positive.


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