28 Feb 2024

Reincarnation Astrology

Most of us know what Karma and reincarnation are only from movies or some TV shows. And some of you might hear about karmic astrology for the first time in fact. In this article, we will try to explain what Karma is, talk about the history of reincarnation and how it actually works. We’ll also touch on how you can find an answer to the biggest question of your life purpose on the Earth with the help of karmic astrology.

Reincarnation in History and Religions

Modern society takes past lives and reincarnation only as the concept characteristic of eastern religions. These are the only modern religions that still accept and preach reincarnation. But this wasn't always the case. More precisely, it’s not as it really was. Almost every religion of the ancient world had its own reincarnation concept and characteristics.

Ancient Egypt

One of the central plots of Ancient Egypt mythology is a myth about the god Osiris – the god of rebirth and the king of the afterlife. He was one of the key gods of the Egyptian pantheon, and in the past, he personified the process of nature changes when flooding of the Nile River was replacing fatal drought, and the new life cycle was started. Although Egyptian culture is more than 7 thousand years old, however, the British religious scholar and anthropologist of the 19th century James George Fraser believed that the myth of Osiris was based on more ancient rituals that had existed long before Egyptian culture. In his book 'The Golden Branch', he wrote that real sacred kings and rulers who were killed at the first sign of the fertility decline could serve as the prototypes of the resurrecting god. Also, such killings were considered necessary to maintain fertility and combat crop failure. According to Fraser, in this way, the concept of reincarnation as a process arose: a person shouldn't disappear without a trace – he or she should become a part of nature and manifest themselves in it.


The first information about rebirth and past experience in Indian culture was found in the texts of the Upanishads, which date back to 800 BC. The Vedas – one of the most important texts of Indian culture – don’t have any mentions about the reincarnation concept, which makes the Upanishads one-of-a-kind document. The Upanishads describe a single God who absorbs and gives birth to the universe. Moreover, there is nothing but Him. It means that any individual is consubstantial with him. 

The texts describe the reincarnation process of the One Divine – Brahman but not a human soul. The manuscripts also pay great attention to the moral code of human life but not to humans’ ability to be reborn. The attention, first of all, is paid:

  • to the culture of free-thinking;
  • to the refinement of feelings;
  • to moral views;
  • to the respect of truth.


The Upanishads’ text states that the highest goal of a human being is unity with Brahman. And this path goes not only through a ritual practice or cult service but through a man's inner deed. In this way, Hinduism gives the concept of the soul, the possibility of its development and reincarnation in unity with Brahman.

Ancient Greece and Rome

Most of ancient Greek and Roman philosophers and thinkers also believed in reincarnation after death and in past lives. Cicero (106–43 BC) was a Roman orator and philosopher who explained the reincarnation concept and past lives on the example of children. He said that people have knowledge about a huge number of things even before birth. Otherwise, it would be impossible to explain how children could learn complex objects in very short terms. He called this ability “an important argument in favor of the previous lives existence”. Cicero believed that children learn a huge number of things so quickly that "it seems as if they are not learning all this for the first time, but simply reproduce."

The Greek philosopher Socrates, the teacher of Plato, believed in a past life to such an extent that he even sacrificed his own life for this. The story says that at the end of his life, under penalty of death, Socrates was offered to abandon beliefs about the past lives existence and their connection with the present. But his faith in the soul immortality was so strong that he preferred to poison himself rather than reject his views. Socrates believed that the soul comes to existence before the body, and it is endowed with all knowledge before the immersion in the body. When the soul enters the material form, it forgets all the past experiences. That's why we don't remember our previous lives. But the echoes of this knowledge were called intuition by Socrates.

Judaism and Christianity

Jewish religion – the mother of Christianity – has always condemned necromancy, which serves to predict the future by communicating with the dead. However, this fact proves that Judaism recognizes the existence of the soul and its immortality. Jewish historians and philosophers have traditionally belittled the role of immortality and past lives experience. But references to these phenomena can be found in Jewish literature everywhere, for example, in a work of the Jewish historian Josephus. In the 1st century AD, he wrote in his ‘Reincarnation Doctrine': “Human bodies are made of fragile material and truly mortal. At the same time, the soul is always immortal, and it is a particle of the Divine that inhabits our bodies. Those who pass away in accordance with the laws of nature enjoy eternal glory; their homes and descendants are safe; their souls are pure and humble and receive the most sacred place in heaven, from where at the turn of eras, they are sent to bodies again. At the same time, the souls of the suicides, whose hands acted against themselves in madness, are captured by the darkest Hades place.” 

Josephus also describes various Jewish schools that existed during his lifetime. He reveals their point of view on soul nature in detail. In the time of Josephus, there were several philosophical schools with different life views on reincarnation:

  • The Sadducees, according to his stories, argued that the soul exists but dies with the body.
  • The Pharisees believed in the eternity of the soul, but in their opinion, only well-meaning men and women can be born in new bodies. Unworthy people are condemned to eternal punishment. 

But there is a need to say that for the Jews of that time, the word "eternal" was not used literally; it was used figuratively and meant "for a very long time."

Perhaps a negative attitude towards the theory of past lives explains indirect, veiled reincarnation references found in biblical literature of those years: the main Book of all Christians is built on the miracle of the reincarnation of One God into God-Father, God-Son, and God-Holy Spirit and the miracle of resurrection after suffering for human sins.


The traditional religion of ancient Japan, Shintoism, is built on the belief in the existence of the soul and recognizes the possibility of reincarnation. It is believed that a reborn soul does not preserve memories of previous incarnations but can show skills and talents acquired in a past life. In its development, Shintoism was strongly influenced by Buddhism; that is why the outlook on previous life and reincarnations in these two cultures is very similar.

Life Between Reincarnations

In every religion that recognizes past lives in one or another form, there is a description of what a soul experiences between reincarnations. The general opinion of modern astrologers boils down to the fact that between rebirths, the soul analyzes its past life information. It is necessary for understanding what kind of experience the soul lacks for transferring to the next karmic level and choosing the best conditions for the next reincarnation. A person’s soul can reincarnate immediately or wait for centuries for successful karmic conditions. In the case of a rapid transformation, the soul is always provided with an assistant who helps to balance the karmic scales with actions.

Within the Christian religion, such an assistant is called a guardian angel. It is he who helps to analyze all the advantages and disadvantages of human past life actions. The “Book of Life” describes this analysis as the ability of a soul to experience all the feelings experienced by other people with whom the soul had a connection in its life on Earth. Further, the guardian angel shows to the soul the life scenes of circs that are possible in the next reincarnation, and the soul can choose in whom it wants to reincarnate this time.

How Does a Soul Gets to Earth?

In Buddhism, there is a beautiful scene describing how a future soul goes to Earth. According to the texts, the soul, which is ready for reincarnation, enters a huge room called Bardo, where it sees couples making love. The soul chooses the best couple, and they become its future parents. Besides, the soul knows that it will bring knowledge to these people to help them in moving to the next level of karmic development.

How to Use Karmic Experience

In the modern world, reincarnation is no longer considered a purely religious concept. The process of rebirth has become an object under the study of astrology because each person is interested in learning the experience of their previous lives and current goals on earth. Karmic astrology is engaged in the study of all these questions.

Karmic astrology is a separate branch of astrology, which is more involved in studying the Northern Moon Node from a person’s astrology chart. At the moment of compiling and placing all planets in the natal chart, the Northern Node is always located in an ephemeris – a collection of tables that describes the positions of the planets for half of the century and shows:

  • a person’s past lives and everything that connected with them;
  • the goals of its birth on Earth in a present life;
  • information the person needs to work on current karmic tasks.

Karmic astrology is not accepted by modern science, but it can open the door to several really interesting ideas.

Studying the location of the Moon’s Nodes shows the main way and goal of the current life. The rest of the horoscope describes what the person will do on the way to the goal of the current transformation. The Lunar Nodes show a causal relationship between already made and possible future actions. They predict the course of human life, point at both bad and good phenomena that occur while the soul remains on Earth.

The Influence of the Southern Moon Node on Karma

The South Node is also called the Tail of a Dragon. It can tell everything about a person’s past life. It shows all combinations of the views, ideas, thoughts, and events of each reincarnation. Here, the experience of hundreds and thousands of previous transformations is located – an excellent base for analysis and a stop before the next trip. Based on these past life connections, the soul forms a list with the knowledge and experience it needs to receive in future lives. It is also a place with information about the character and behavior the person should have. 

Astrologers, however, consider this part of the birth chart as a weak point in the karmic horoscope. Let's draw an analogy to make it clearer. Imagine that the Southern Node is a bed with soft pillows of experience, knowledge, and skills. This bed will be very soft and comfortable. However, all this knowledge was left in the past and created only a foundation. But it doesn't contribute to further development. At the same time, to make the current reincarnation more comfortable, the person can take a pillow with him. But his hands will be constantly full. That’s why astrologers believe that the Southern Lunar Node is a place of karmic excesses that can be used, but it would be better for the soul to just go away without dragging them into current reincarnations. It may take many years to get a person back to the present if the soul will continue to relive past life experiences.

How to deal with the desire to stay in the past experience? Curiosity can help in this struggle. It can become the most powerful asset of the soul. But it also needs to be used carefully. Curiosity should push the soul forward, but it shouldn’t provoke the soul to repeat actions from the past life in the hope that the result would be different. So it’s important to use the Southern Node of the Moon only as a memory bank rather than as airbags.

The Role of the Northern Moon Node in the Life of a Soul

The Northern Lunar Node throws limelight on a future and a whole new experience that a soul has not practiced yet. It is a strong part of the natal chart, which brings the soul to emotional and intellectual growth and helps it to move to the next karmic levels.

Karmic astrology believes that any soul, which decides to be born again, gets divine guidance immediately – an assistant, who accompanies the soul in new circumstances and rewards its courage and effort. This also gives inspiration and the desire to move forward despite existing barriers. The Northern Lunar Node resembles a springboard: the soul overcomes fear and suspense and finds itself at a higher point of development while feeling euphoria from its courage and success at the end.

The peak of the current development of the soul embodiment is also displayed in the North Node. The path to the highest goal may seem difficult at first. However, the closer a person to the Northern Node, the stronger he or she feels. When the person faces opportunities never considered before, life becomes more and more important. But to reach the entire Northern Node potential, the person should use all his or her willpower. They must abandon bad habits and get rid of memories that do not serve a useful purpose in their current life.

A person must know and accept the circumstances. This is a prerequisite for the growth of the soul. And the most beautiful thing is that this growth has no limits: no matter how high a person’s potential is, there is always the opportunity to rise even higher along an ascending spiral to spirituality.

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