27 May 2024

Egyptian Zodiac Signs

The Egyptian story of the famous horoscope that belongs to Western astrology arises from an ancient pantheon. There are 12 deities-rulers of the Zodiac signs, and each one controls the ancient Egyptian Zodiac circle during three weeks at different times.

Egyptian astrology appeared from worshipping the Sun. After all, the Sun is the key to human life, so it was logical for the Egyptian tribe to connect their main deity with the Sun. And since the Nile River, where the ancient Egyptian people lived, flooded every year, restoring the fertility of the soil and providing the possibility of agriculture, we can suppose that the river is somehow linked with this hot planet. Life depends both on the river and the planet, and such forces can rebel: the Sun sets every night, there are rainy days, and floods cause famine destroying houses and crops.

That’s where these famous Egyptian Zodiac signs originated from. The Dendera Zodiac represents some signs of those times. Earth is Maat, a place of stability, which is constantly threatened by chaos, and also Maat represents order. Indeed, it is owing to the universal law that the Earth, stars, and planets move in the sky, gods and humans interact, seasons and signs succeed each other. So, the ocean, Nun, is chaos, because the water is a flooding and destroying force. The Sun, Ra, shines and gives life to us, and Maat follows the order.

Many astronomical and astrological texts from the Hellenistic period are written in Greek, but some papyruses that use demotic writing have also been preserved. The walls and ceilings of the Ptolemaic temples contain many specific symbols and images of the Heavenly Forces: the decans, constellations, and planets. Some of these images represent a Babylonian influence.

Egyptian Zodiac sign Seth (May, June, September - October)

He is the patron of deserts and distant lands, personifying the evil principle.

He was born to Nut, the ruler of heaven, and his father Geb is famous for ruling the earth. It was Seth who killed his brother out of jealousy. Osiris was enlivened by his beloved wife Isis, and the murderer was kicked out to the desert. There is a version saying that he ended up in Heaven, so he looks at us in the guise of Ursa Major.

But we can’t deny that there are some ancient myths glorifying the positive qualities of Seth. For example, he saved Ra from the giant snake Apophis. But we know that it was him who ate the beloved cat of Bastet, probably just out of spite. So, Seth is both a symbol of freedom and a symbol of evil. Is it surprising that this sign is considered to be extremely confident, always believe only in their truth, easily grow up into politicians and, in general, into big leaders?

Moreover, these May-June personalities absolutely love to be into the unknown. For example, they are fond of fortune-telling and mystical signs, drawing only the right conclusions. Obstacles are considered by them as a reason to overcome them. There is no past for Seth's people; they only look forward to the future, being critically incapable of learning from mistakes. This is a serious issue, and such personalities should deal with it!

Egyptian Symbol The Nile (January, June, September, November)

It marks the onset of anything. That is why it is named in honor of the dangerous and worshiped Nile – the known river, which became a source of life for ancient people. It gave life to millions. Its waters irrigated the gardens and also fertilized the land. The Nile became a real deity they began to worship and ask for help in difficult times. So, this beautiful river gave its name to the lord of fecundity.

The main feature of such a Zodiac member as the Nile (covering those who were born in June, September, November) is a passion coupled with impulsivity. It is one of those signs who never think before doing something. It is very important for them to have some sort of intrigue, secret, riddle, and some sort of extremes in any case. People of the Nile definitely like to do rash acts simply because it makes life more fun, and because these human beings want to be unpredictable. In spite of this, personalities under this Zodiac sign are pragmatic. 

Egyptian Symbol Horus (April, May, August)

Horus rules heights and Heaven, and he is portrayed as a falcon or even in the form of a winged sun! His parents were Osiris (lord of forces) and beautiful Isis (deity of fertility). Myths said that Isis had conceived a son from the murdered brother of Seth and retired away to the swamps to raise her son away from the wrath of his uncle. Horus grew up, defeated Seth, becoming the only one heir to Osiris, and then Horus deprived Seth of his masculinity and laid sandals of Osiris on his head.

Horus can even see in the dark, so nothing can be hidden from him. Therefore, Horus personalities have a wonderful imagination and can also work with animals. Cats and dogs obey them, so anyone can be tamed by them! These people can work as trainers, zoologists, and even veterinarians. The Horus sign symbolizes a really noble person, cheerful and pragmatic at the same time. 

Sign of Anubis (May 8-27, June-July)

He is a child of Osiris (the patron of dead souls), who was born to the beloved sister of Isis. She hid her son well. This female was afraid of her husband Seth’s rage because it wasn’t his son. So, Isis brought up the child. And when Seth killed Osiris, Anubis personally made a mummy out of his body and embalmed it, so he managed to save it and then resurrect Osiris. They portray Anubis as a wild dog or a black jackal, or a person with a “dog” head.

According to astrology, “Anubis children” have the ability to find fun moments in absolutely any situation. Such representatives of the Zodiac circle are “night owls”: they love night time and prefer to be alone rather than in a noisy company. They bring maximum benefit at work when they solve a problem independently. These guys know how to administer justice, so it is impossible to hide any truth from them, and they are great in protecting weak people, standing up without unnecessary conversations.

Sign of Isis (March, October, December)

Isis is an incredibly feminine deity who is famous for patronizing marriage. This female is fast like the wind and unpredictable like water. Helping Osiris, she taught people to cope with household matters and heal diseases, and she founded the institution of marriage.

Since the essence of Isis is love, it is extremely good when a girl is born under her sign. According to astrology, such a person will radiate tenderness and warmth. However, a boy also has something to do in life: the March “children of Isis” know perfectly well what they need, therefore, they will gain unconditional success. 

Sign of Amun-Ra (January, February)

Amun-Ra is the personification of the Sun on Earth – thanks to him the whole world exists. His sacred animals are a goose and a ram, two symbols of sagacity. It is him who is the most beloved patron of rulers and who gave victory to pharaohs, the main one of all the Egyptian deities, omniscient and powerful, a protector of all the oppressed people!

Astrology claims that the wards of Amun-Ra are wise souls. These are serious, bright, sunny optimists who are constant leaders everywhere. Such people always choose those activities that can allow them to demonstrate their personal talents. After all, the most important thing for them is how people see them and how they see themselves through the eyes of others! Such people need immense fame. If you praise them, they literally move mountains. These Zodiac children of Amun-Ra are prophets; they are able to foresee the future.

Sign of Osiris (March, November-December)

He is a judge from the realm of the dead, the lord who rules the afterlife. He is a baby of Hebe and Nut and was married to Isis. This lord was worshiped and famous for teaching human beings to plant grapes, make wine, cultivate the land, mine gold and copper ore, build cities and heal.

They say that he dies every year for the winter, and he is reborn in the spring. And his conflict with Seth, by the way, had a reason: he married Isis, who was their common sister, since that was a marriage that should have led to the development of civilization. 

In astrology, human beings who belong with this sign can seem to read people’s minds! In addition, personalities under this Zodiac symbol are very curious, constantly experimenting with something. 

Sign of Thoth (April, November)

This sign is truly the brightest sign of incredible wisdom. In ancient times, he was an assistant for those who wanted to learn to read, write, and count. He is considered to be the patron of all scientists and philosophers. This Egyptian god also has several other titles: Defender of Horus, Advisor to Osiris.

Since Thoth was an outstanding orator and a sage, his main features are also inherent in the personalities of this smart sign that have a powerful gift to convince and also to be in the spotlight. These people figure out lies and hypocrisy very quickly. It is enough for them to just look into your eyes to find out if you are sincere at this moment.

Egyptian Goddess Mut (January, September)

Mut is the Egyptian mother goddess. Even her name is translated as “mother”. She was very strict and demanding.

As astrology states, Mut is the most exacting character of the Egyptian Zodiac circle. Moreover, this applies to the people of this sign and to their surroundings. The female patroness of motherhood believes that everything should be perfect, exactly how the sign decides. In short, the world must move as Mut wants it, not the other way around.

Secondly, this character of the Egyptian Zodiac circle is immensely pragmatic. Romance is incomprehensible to them. If someone needs help, these human beings will provide it by a deed, not a word. Representatives of the Mut Zodiac symbol will not endure never-ending conversations about anything. After all, there is absolutely no sense in it. We must act and act in a pragmatic way!

So, if you want to make friends with such a person, do not blab too much and seek to match his or her expectations. 

Egyptian Deity Sekhmet (July-August, October-November)

It is known that Ancient Egyptians were sure that Sekhmet was the one to blame for various epidemics, misfortunes, and tragedies although she also made those go away. No wonder Sekhmet was considered the goddess of war and conflicts. 

Of course, in the Zodiac system, such an influence is reflected in personalities under her protection. In astrology, these people are considered to be very authoritative. These October-November human beings seem to be really demanding and accurate, constantly trying to reach the truth. They make wonderful judges, lawyers, and managers. These are rather harsh individuals, but extremely lucky, so most of their undertakings end successfully.

Egyptian Divinity Bastet (July, September, October)

This sign of the Egyptian Zodiac circle is responsible for joy, comfort, and love. In Egyptian astrology, Bastet was usually depicted as a woman with a cat's head. The fact is that sometimes she was very sweet but sometimes very aggressive. She was believed to be the protector of the whole globe.

People born under the Bastet sign are real family-oriented people. Bastet women and men are wonderful parents. They have excellent pedagogical abilities, and they also have a predisposition to medicine, arts, and gardening. If a Bastet person treats you to some sort of a dish, then you cannot resist, even if you are not hungry at all.

Such people are very attractive with their soothing energy. It is always particularly calm, nice and good to be at their side. Moreover, they are great at supporting and helping out in a difficult time. They find the words that everyone wants to hear and can heal any mental wounds. 

Egyptian God Hebe (February, August)

According to mythology, Geb is the ruler of Earth, as well as the deity of strength and permanence. He ruled the plant world and all kinds of minerals. He had a red crown, divided into three parts. 

His special talent is agriculture. He was literally born to grow something. Each seed thrown by this sign will certainly germinate and bear fruit. He feels at home in nature. He is calm and feels especially good when surrounded by plants and trees.

The main feature of this deity of the Egyptian Zodiac circle is prudence. He analyzes the situation before acting, and his actions are laid-back because Geb is in no hurry. He has an amazing skill to brilliantly understand the essence of events and things, delving into the deepest aspects and problems. Due to this, he always copes with the repair of any items, especially equipment.

More about These Horoscopes 

Only priests who were constantly present in a temple (“house of life”) could comprehend the features of the coming days as clearly as we understand the “historical patterns of the past”. Only a priest was able to easily draw the formula of the day, a “periodic table of the elements of time.” It was enough for the priest to find out that a child was born on the fourth day of the month Paofi to make a forecast: “Evil, good, good.” This meant that the first part of the day promised to be bad, but the rest would be good: two-thirds of it would be benevolent for the baby.

However, the conclusions of different priests could contradict each other. It would seem that the insidious acts of Seth caused outrage everywhere where people worshiped Osiris, who had been killed by Seth. However, in Upper Egypt, where Set was worshiped, all these atrocities were seen as feats, and the dates associated with them were considered as favorable. If a person was dissatisfied with a certain prohibition or a harsh sentence imposed on him/her, then they could easily get around their fate: after all, in astrology, as in philosophy, you can always find two different schools that praise the opposites. If something was forbidden in one temple, it could easily be allowed in another one.

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