27 May 2024

Feng Shui

Probably, every person in his or her life has heard of feng shui. They may have a basic idea of what it is used for, which is not yet enough to benefit from this art. It is true that learning how feng shui works may be quite difficult. 

People get interested in feng shui for various reasons, such as attracting wealth, improving their health, finding harmony in life, etc. Let’s try to figure out what this study is and how it can be used for improving your life.

Initial Info on Feng shui

It is the art of organizing space that was born in China and has been used for more than 3,500 years. Feng translates from Chinese as “wind,” while Shui means water. Both elements (wind and water) represent invisible forces. Feng shui aims at allowing people to live harmoniously with the objects surrounding them. 

Ch’i (qi) is the energy (force) presenting everywhere. There are two types of Ch’I where one is positive (Yun) and the other is negative (Sha). With feng shui, you can boost and use positive Ch’I energy. You will remove all obstacles, allowing the life force to flow freely. 

The Chinese study is part of the Taoist philosophical tradition that also includes Chinese astrology, energy flow practices, Chinese medicine, and other disciplines.

By using the principles of this ancient art, it is possible to organize an environment to live based on the rules of nature. Feng shui is believed not to be a real science since it has a range of aspects that cannot be tested with a scientific method. A traditional feng shui instrument is the Luopan (geomantic compass). Feng shui practitioners started to use this instrument for determining various items’ direction. 

It is a fascinating ancient Chinese study for ordinary people, landscape ecologists, designers, astrologists, and others. The Feng shui principles allow organizing any building or space and decorating it. A feng shui expert is called a geomancer. One can help in organizing any space. 

What the Feng Shui Teaching Is Based On 

The principles of feng shui:

  • Command position;
  • Bagua (Pa Kua) map;
  • Polarity;
  • 5 elements.

The Command Position

It explains how to place the pieces of furniture in accordance with feng shui. A bed (representing an owner), a desk (representing the owner’s carrier), and a stove (representing the owner’s wealth) are the key elements. 

Locate these objects in the way that allows seeing a door at any moment, but it should not be right in front of you. The best choice in feng shui is to have a rest, work, or cook while being in a diagonal position to the door. 

The Bagua Map

It is the energy (force) map, containing the plan of your house or apartment. There are eight areas or zones called “gua”. They are located around the central area, which represents wellness. 

You should use the map for creating feng shui by determining important areas in your life. 

In feng shui, there are 9 zones that are responsible for the following:

  1. Health (Earth, Tai Qi);
  2. Career, life journey (Water, Kan);
  3. Knowledge (Earth, Gen);
  4. Family, a new beginning (Wood, Zhen);
  5. Wealth, prosperity (Wood, Xun);
  6. Fame, reputation (Fire, Li); 
  7. Marriage, partnerships, relationships (Earth, Kun);
  8. Children, creativity, projects (Metal, Dui);
  9. Helpful People (Metal, Qian);

There are different feng shui teachings, and while they all use the map, they may organize the areas differently. For instance, the Western feng shui study usually organizes some zones to be aligned with the front door. The classical feng shui branch organizes the areas based on other factors, for example, by using the compass.

5 Elements

These elements (phases) are as follows:

  1. Earth (produces metal; destroys water);
  2. Metal (produces water; destroys wood);
  3. Water (produces wood; destroys fire);
  4. Fire (produces earth; destroys metal);
  5. Wood (produces fire; destroys earth).

The elements form a complete system. According to feng shui, it is crucial to achieve a balance between them.

As you can see from the list provided above, each gua also has a certain element. If you want to improve wealth, enhance Xun by placing something representing the earth, for instance, a big brown rug. It can be also a combination of symbols, such as fire/earth (a plant with red fruits in a pot), wood/fire (a nice wooden orange jewel-case), earth/metal (a metal bowl with soil), etc. 


There is the Yin Yang theory, according to which everything consists of two opposing elements known as yin and yang, where the first one represents the feminine energy of relaxation, force (black), and the second one is the masculine acting energy, force (white). Yin is about calm colors, peaceful music, relaxing images, and so on, while Yang implies bright lights, vibrant colors, energetic music, etc. You need to ensure a sufficient flow of the relaxing energy in a bathroom or bedrooms; the moving energy should prevail in your office, kitchen, dining room, according to the feng shui art. While medicine in China aims at reaching a balance between these two forces in the body, feng shui uses the theory in aligning objects.

The Feng Shui Teaching and Astrology

It is considered to be a branch of the Chinese art of placement. It includes such teachings as Chinese medicine (the traditional one), Yin Yang, Yi Jing, and five elements. It is based on twelve zodiac signs.

Nine Star Ki is based on the theory that the energy (force) reaches earth through 9 stars. There are 9 cycles, and the quality of force depends on them. The same number is used for shorter periods of time, such as hours and months. This astrology is not about space, but about time. While it will not help you to organize your home, it is great for boosting your energy.

You can follow the movement of stars to organize your home based on the feng shui study. It is recommended to use a Nine Star Ki or feng shui astrology chart to get a good idea of your character, relationships with other people, energy, health, and more. 

Feng Shui and Zodiac Animals

If you want to make good feng shui in your house, it can be done in accordance with the Chinese zodiac sign of your year of birth. Just follow feng shui recommendations on which element you should use in your home or office.

  • Rats 

Their element is water. If you are the Rat, you can bring fortune to your life by getting an aquarium with fish. You can place it both in your home and workplace.

  • Oxen

If it is your sign, then your element is fire. You need to bring a flame in your life. Do not worry, you do not have to burn your house. It is enough to add some ceramic items because they are heated by fire.

  • Tigers 

Earth is what you need. It is pretty easy for you to boost your energy. Just get a potted plant and place it somewhere near you.

  • Rabbits 

You need an element representing earth because it is your energy-booster. For instance, you can buy a nice jade and place it somewhere in your bedroom. Jade that has spent years in the earth will ensure good fortune for you. 

  • Dragons 

They need more water. We recommend you to place something with water and a bit of soil in your bedroom. Try to grow lotus flowers in there to attract good fortune.

  • Snakes 

Snakes need metal. It is easy to accomplish as you can wear something from silver or gold to bring good luck. It can be anything such as rings, earrings, etc. 

  • Horses 

Metal is also the right element for horses. You can place a bronze item or something made from another metal in your bedroom and office.

  • Goats 

Wood is your element. You can place a nice wooden box in your house, flat, or office to improve energy flow. 

  • Monkeys 

The Monkey can attract good fortune by adding wooden elements. It can be a plant located somewhere in the house.

  • Roosters 

They also need wood. If you are born in this year, you can put some grass seeds in a container, which should not be made of metal. 

  • Dogs 

Earth elements along with those representing water should be avoided. Wood is what you really need. You can place tree branches in your home or office, but remember avoiding any soil or water.

  • Pigs 

You need more fire! Ceramic items would be a good solution for you. Just place them in your house, apartment, or office.

Tips That You Should Use for New Year 

Would you like to attract more luck on the New 2020 Year's Eve with the help of feng shui? Then follow our easy tips:

  • Clean the entire house as you should meet the New Year fully organized. Hide brushes, rags, and other similar items. However, you should avoid sweeping or cleaning dust;
  • Make your own Wealth Bowl. It can be a bowl made of ceramic or glass where you need to add coins;
  • Attract four kings from four corners by placing a table in the southeast corner. Place there four cups with tea;
  • Invite your friends for a nice dinner. 


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