02 Oct 2022

The Top 5 Things in Your Birth Chart That Predict Love

Most people think about things in the future, which they would like to learn more about. Such issues may relate to career, place of residence, the birth of children. But of course, the most popular topic is a romantic relationship. This is the main reason why people turn to astrology. 

As an astrologist, I found such questions amusing. Maybe it is because I know which factors can predict the presence or absence of love affairs in the near future. In such predictions, it seems that all the planets met in a certain position for a reason. Such a mystery attracted me in astrology the most.

There are many ways to reveal the secret of the future. Most likely you are familiar with Tarot cards, pendulum techniques, layouts runes or some other methods. However, I use the technique of Natal charts. It helps me keep track charts of planetary energies. Then I can almost intuitively make a conclusion about the fate of a particular person. I do this to help other people to use the energy of the Universe for their own benefit, and not to fight with it.

When you are aware of the time periods favorable for love relations, it is easier for you to arrange your priorities in life. I'll tell you about my experience with the predictions of love, when I wanted to know the next date when long and serious relationship will begin in my life. However, my map told me that in the next couple of years there's nothing for me except for flirting and relationships for one night. The maximum I could expect  was a short affair. First, of course, I was upset. After all, we all dream of a warm and close relationship with mutual understanding. But after a short time, I was able to find advantages in this situation. Since I knew that in the near future I won't meet anyone who can seriously change my life, I just stopped to focus on this. This, in turn, helped me to devote more time to my career and self-development. Now I understand that without knowledge of my love, the future experiences would have taken a lot of my mental energy. Thanks to the prediction, I was productive in those areas where the universe gave me power. Also, I didn’t lose too much time.

I will show you 5 indicators that will predict sour love and help you to prioritize. Read on to find out more.

5 Ways to Predict Love

1) Activity of the 5th house

If there are too many planets in your spot of the house, this mark is considered to be clearly positive. With this, Universal energy guides you to fun. This is the most favorable time for frivolous relationships. During this period it should be easy for you to make new romantic dating. It happens this way. The sun, Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus intersect in your fifth house. They are symbols of independence, success, communication, and love, respectively. In this situation, especially in new moon, all the new dating and flirting will not be a big problem for you. Technically the best scenario is when Jupiter is in 7th house under angles of 60 degrees in relation to Venus. It should be located in the 5 house. In this case, you can count on flirting every time when leaving the apartment.

2) Activity at 7th house

This situation is a little different from the previous one. According to the rules of astrology, the 7th house symbolizes love. This fact should bring us luck when we meet new people. You need to remember that 5th building contributes to the flirting and the pleasures, and the 7th home is for those who seek a long serious relationship. I can even open a secret with the help of factor 7 to predict the probability of marriage. The main planet in the prediction of such relations is Saturn. If this planet is in the 7th house, then I am sure that a particular person goes through life with a trusted friend, and they will be together for a long time. There are also other planets that play a role in predicting the 7th house. For example, Jupiter can bring you an open mind and expand your consciousness. This will contribute to your new outlook on life. Accordingly, your relationship to a partner changes, too. However, the moon can symbolize the beginning of a new relationship. 

3) The harmony of Saturn and Venus

If you notice a small "talk" between Saturn and Venus you can be sure that soon you'll have a change in the bedroom. Most likely, you can expect a partnership that will mean calmness and confidence in the future. Saturn symbolizes the rigidity of the mind and discipline, and Venus symbolizes the ability to adapt to circumstances. This will provoke your love relationship very soon.

4) The union of Jupiter and Venus

And again, this situation is similar to the previous one, but still a little different. With the interaction of Jupiter and Venus, your chances of having a romance do not just increase. You also risk getting into an unforgettable romantic adventure. We can say that Jupiter is not such an adult planet as Saturn, so it may seem frivolous. However, you are guaranteed to enjoy it. Venus will add tenderness, and the likelihood of a romantic relationship will be very high. Traditionally, astrologers consider the most harmonious combination of Venus and Jupiter at a zero angle and angles of 60 and 120 degrees.

 5) The presence of the growing moon in the 7th house

This is the last advice, but not the last chance to find love. It is important to remember that the moon in the 7th house must be progressive. It usually takes about three years for the moon to complete a stay in the house. Consequently, the next round will begin only in 30 years. Such a rare position gives you a chance for incredible luck in love. Moreover, people meet a woman or a man of their life during this period. Naturally, this relationship very quickly ends in a happy marriage.

We talked about how you can predict the appearance of love in the future. Do not forget that, despite all the predictions, the Universe also loves improvisation, so do not be afraid to control your destiny yourself. There is no such thing as impossibility to find someone to love. So, be prepared to fall in love and watch your steps. Good luck!


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