01 Feb 2023

Characteristics of a Taurus Woman

Taurus Woman Characteristics

People born under the constellation of Taurus belong to the group of Earth placements. These signs are generally determined and practical. They have a strong will and, as expected, they are often down to earth. However, they are not as simple as they might seem at first glimpse. The very peculiar planet Venus rules Taurus men and women. This explains how Tauruses can be simple and practical, yet very sensual, artistic and attracted to beauty.

Taurus Woman in Love

Some might think that Taurus women are shy and passive in love, which is completely not true. Keeping in mind the determination and straightforwardness that a Taurus person embodies, it becomes clear how these women know exactly what they are doing with their feelings. Any time a Taurus woman falls in love, she has a very clear vision or even a plan on the relationship with a chosen person.

The first step would be getting to know the potential partner carefully, learning about their personality, interests, and desires. After achieving a certain level of trust, a Taurus will be ready to open her heart in return. Taurus women desperately need to be loved and cared for. They give everything to their partner and want the same dedication and trust in return.

Taurus Woman in Marriage

Having a Taurus as a wife is wonderful because of how dedicated and responsible they are towards their families. Naturally, they become fantastic mothers. They do not like arguing or fighting and always try to avoid and prevent such unpleasant situations. Even though Tauruses like to remain calm and they are actually good at resolving arguments, sometimes they still can get angry. And when their anger and frustration burst out, everyone around regrets it instantly.

A Taurus woman always strives to live in harmony with her partner. She enjoys a peaceful and quiet marriage. Although, be careful of giving a Taurus wife not enough attention. Tauruses do not like to be neglected and want to always know that they are loved and desired. Another thing that is not on the list of Taurus’s favorites is change. They like their lives to be calm and secure, without uncertainties.

Taurus Woman and Money

Tauruses love money – this is a well-known fact. However, do not confuse this with them being greedy and hungry for money. They like money so much because they understand its value and always work extra hard for their earnings. One of the reasons for such a close relationship with finances is that their ruler planet Venus is not only responsible for love matters but also for money.

Any Taurus can be a great money manager. This is why they are perfectly suitable for jobs related to finance. Interestingly enough, despite how serious and responsible they are with earning money, spending is also not a problem. They like to spend money without watching every penny they have earned.

Taurus Woman and Career

Taking into account the main characteristics of a Taurus woman, which are diligence, interest in money, artistic vision and ambitiousness, it does not come as a surprise that there is a variety of different jobs suitable for them. They are very hard-working, and they love to be rewarded for their performance. Bonuses, salary raises and other types of encouragement can increase the motivation of a Taurus considerably.

Those professions that involve managing money are great for Tauruses. A Taurus woman can make an exceptional banker, seller, financial advisor, or a manager in general. We should also not forget about the artistic side of this sign. The first thing that comes to mind is an artist, which is perfectly suitable for a Taurus as well. We all know that being an artist requires a huge amount of work. This is why being involved in any type of design (interior, graphic, fashion, etc.) works well for a Taurus.

Taurus Woman with Friends

In Taurus’s mind, a friend means “the best friend forever”, and all the others are just acquaintances. If you find a Taurus friend, you can be sure that this is a lifelong friendship rather than just a temporary relationship. However, their dedicated loyalty is not burdensome. They are truly fun to be around, always making their friends laugh and spreading around joyful energy.

What is great about a Taurus friend is that this woman takes your friendship very seriously. This means that Tauruses know a lot about you, especially when it comes to memorable and important dates, such as birthdays and other significant celebrations. And not only do they remember, but always congratulate their friends and often come with a gift. Even though it is not that easy to become friends with Taurus, once you are in, it is forever. The key to befriending Taurus women is honesty and an open heart.

Taurus Woman and Health

Ears and teeth are strong points of Taurus women. Healthy teeth and sharp hearing are common among the people of this sign. The most common weakness of a Taurus is a simple cold or the flu. This can be explained by how Tauruses dislike changes and uncertainties. Any time something disrupts their organized and calm life, it can be confusing and disorienting. A bewildered Taurus woman becomes weaker and opens for simple sicknesses like a cold.

Taurus Woman and Home

At home, just like in her life, a Taurus woman despises laziness and likes to be organized. Tauruses like to continue their family traditions in their new homes when they move out or start a family. With their love towards earning money and reasonably spending it, the women born under the constellation of Taurus enjoy investing in their home and decorating it in every possible way. They are also nature lovers; however, this does not apply to unorganized open wild spaces. They like gardens and orchards, which they design and take care of. Their connection to the earth helps with acquiring great gardening skills.

Positive Traits of a Taurus Woman

Taurus women are extremely determined and self-sufficient. They trust their logic for making important decisions. They are reliable, which makes them great friends and life companions. You can trust a Taurus without hesitation and be sure that your secrets will be kept and you will receive help if needed. Their heart is filled with kindness, even if you might think that Tauruses are a little closed at first sight.

They are very caring and protective over their close ones, which is why being close with a Taurus is an honor. They are not fast-paced themselves, and this explains their patience towards others. In addition, they are extremely organized and great at handling difficult situations.

Negative Traits of a Taurus Woman

In relationships, Taurus women tend to be quite jealous. This applies to their love life and relations with friends and family. Tauruses crave to be loved, and when something or someone threatens their bond with a close person, they become bitter. All the people and material possessions in the life of a Taurus are very important to them, which is why they can become a little greedy.

Tauruses are known for their determination, which also has the other, not so positive side. Sometimes determination can turn into stubbornness. If a Taurus woman has made her decision, almost nothing and no one can change it. It takes a lot of time and persistence to make a Taurus change her mind or beliefs.


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