28 Feb 2024

How to recognize Aries?

It does not matter if you are a skeptic or a believer, you surely know your zodiac sign, there is no doubt about this. As you may already know, there are twelve zodiac signs, and Aries is the first sign on the list. In case you wonder why Aries is first, just keep in mind that March 21 is the first day of zodiac year. Today, we are going to have a deeper insight into Aries’s personality, so you can either agree or disagree with statements below. We hope that once you have read the whole article, you will discover something new about your character. Let’s have a closer look at Aries.

Aries – Who are they?

To begin with, no matter who we talk about, men or women, Aries always act as leaders. They strive to be first in everything they do. Suddenly, it makes perfect sense why Aries is the first on zodiac list, isn’t it? In case you do not know, the strongest part of Aries’s body is their head, that is why they confidently head toward leadership. There are two more zodiac signs that have fairly similar character traits. Whom we have in mind are Leo and Sagittarius. All three are fire signs. They burn bright because of the passion and motivation that boils within. 

The fact that Aries likes to be a leader in everything can make you believe that they are very attentive to details. However, that is not true. If they do something that should be done fast and in the easiest way.

There is a common opinion in astrology that every next sign is supposed to learn lessons from the previous signs. In case you think this rule applies to Aries – you may be quite disappointed. They are stubborn. That means that Aries people never think before moving on to action – they do the opposite, act first and think later. 

Every sun sign is ruled by one of the planets. You will be surprised how much this fact matters. The ruling planet determines your character traits. If we talk about Aries, their ruling planet is Mars. Those of you who do not know it yet – Mars is a war planet, named after the god of war. How does this war planet affect Aries? They are always prepared for the battle, and they are never afraid of the outcome. Some may say that Aries have a quick temper too, however, they calm down as easily as they explode. The information provided can be perceived in many ways, but we should draw to the conclusion that Aries are usually positive and lively people.

Aries – Character

We have roughly described how Aries behaves so far. However, we are sure that you would like to learn more. Those born under the Aries sign are long for victories all the time. They eager to get everything they want from life, and succeed in the majority of cases. If other signs know their limits, they don’t exist for Aries. Having reached their goal, they keep on going further, and this circle never ends.

Some zodiac signs are bored in everyday life, but not Aries. People born under this sign always strive to open new horizons. In some cases, discoveries may be unexpected to Aries, but for him every experience matters.

There is rarely a chance that Aries you encounter will turn to be unpleasant and selfish personality. They don’t feel sorry for themselves. Moreover, they do not tolerate insults from beloved ones. Also, it is almost impossible to convince Aries of anything if he set his mind on something. Even if Aries is wrong, he rarely admits that, and tries to convince you instead.

Aries – Positive Character Traits 

There is no use to deny that Aries are born to be leaders. However, independence and braveness combined with hard work are those traits that help them achieve high results. Due to everyday challenges that Aries often go through, it is hard to say that their life is boring, quite the opposite. 

We have mentioned that being the winner is one of the main life goals for Aries, but that does not necessarily mean that they should sacrifice anything to reach the goal. If they see injustice – Aries does everything possible to make it right. The sense of justice is crucial in this sign.

It is easy to point out that Aries is powerful and stubborn, but he is also very innocent and positive at the same time. Very often, Aries inspire people close to them, and this is another positive trait that Aries may not even be aware of.

Aries – Negatives Traits

No one is perfect, we have to accept this fact. However, if you know what you should pay attention to, it is easier to escape some serious consequences. First, Aries is extremely stubborn, he may be quite annoying at times, especially if Aries is your second half. Aries may not see how pushy they are just because they like play on ones nerves. Like all leaders, Aries dominate in relationships, and like to show it off. 

Like any fire sign, Aries easily explodes and easily gets bored, which can be annoying. When Aries set their mind on something, they may not see how harmful it may be for other people.

Lastly, Aries are aggressive people, and you should never stand in their way, otherwise you will have to save your life.

Aries - Love and Relationship

If you read all the information written above, it won’t take long to understand Aries and their attitude to love. However, if Aries is your second half, there may be a couple of unexpected twists and turns that you should keep in mind.

To begin with, it should be clarified that Aries wants to be loved. Due to their dominating traits, once you fall in love with someone born under this sign, make sure you have enough time for relationship. Aries wishes to spend most of his time with the second half. Lying on the couch and watching favorite movie is what they strive to do together. 

You don’t need much time to make Aries fall in love with you – all you need to do is ignore him. We have already mentioned it: they light up from a spark. Consequently, they fall in love easily comparing to other zodiac signs. However, there is a little trick: they like to conquer, and if you give in too fast, you may lose your chance.

Once you have caught Aries, you should be prepared for overwhelming amount of affection. It can be annoying sometimes, but in this way Aries expresses his love and devotion. It should be noted that physical closeness is also very important. A partner that Aries is looking for is someone who feels the same way, and this can cause some difficulties.

However, Aries are highly possessive in relationships, and this can cause jealousy. 

As soon as you learn how to tame Aries, they will bring all the warmth and energy they have into your relationship. Thus, no matter what your sign is, you should be the one who brings balance into your relationship. Otherwise, there will be no future.

Aries - Sociability

Aries are very openhearted, which means they make friends easily. However, it does not mean they stay for a long time with people they constantly keep in touch with. Aries is very sensitive to dishonesty, and once they think that your intentions are not clear – they leave you. 

Aries prefer a wide circle of friends. You will encounter all sorts of people whom Aries consider close friends. Despite beliefs or lifestyles, you are welcomed as long as you can bear Aries’ hot temper.

It may seem unusual, but Aries are good listeners as long as they are interested in what you are talking about. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t expect such attention and sympathy regularly, Aries is not that patient after all. 

If Aries considers you a close friend – this is forever, however, there is no chance of a little mistake from your side. Besides, you should be as energetic and open-minded as this zodiac sign.

Things are not that bright when it comes to family. Aries require a lot of attention from parents; otherwise, they may even escape from home. In general, Aries leaves the family house very early since they strive to be independent. There is the slimmest chance that you will succeed in controlling Aries, you would better not try if you want to be close to him. A single sight of restriction will make Aries angry and aggressive, and nothing good comes out of it. At the same time, Aries are usually obligated to the family, and they will come on rescue as soon as you call.

Aries are hot-headed, but give them enough freedom, and they will be the most loving and caring members of your family. 

Aries – Career  

It is safe to say that Aries are more than successful in professional career, because they are persistent and know what they want. Besides, they are leaders in everything they do. 

Of course, it should be mentioned that Aries like giving orders to other people from time to time. They succeed in any project if they are interested in what they do. Aries rarely do something they don’t like.

Aries are wise in making decisions; they see solution where no one else does. They are not afraid of competition, even unhealthy one, keep this in mind.

This sign knows how to make money and save it. However, when there is a chance either to spend all the earnings on something adventurous and exciting, or to keep it for later, Aries will definitely choose the first one. They live in the present and don’t bother about the future. Besides, the more they spend, the more they earn later. 

All in all, Aries can achieve a lot in life and career. However, there is one requirement – life should be challenging and not boring.

Attracting Male Aries 

We are not going to hide the fact that attracting Aries male is not as difficult as to keep him. To begin with, you should remember that personal freedom matters to Aries zodiac sign more than anything else. Nevertheless, he usually tends to spend as much time with his second half as possible, but needs some time to be alone, and you should get used to it.

How interest him? Well, you need to make sure that he is interested and don’t show your emotions. They like the chase. For the most part they usually turn to those they can’t reach, and this can become your main weapon.

One simple thing that anyone should remember – you won’t be able to boss your Aries man around. Things will be the other way around. However, you shouldn’t be too shy to stand your ground. Show your strength sometimes. Otherwise, he will lose interest in you. You are to earn his respect or look for another partner.

At times, Aries has a bad mood. It is better to leave him alone, as he becomes too clingy, arrogant and rude. Step aside, if you don’t want to get hurt. 

If you think it is time to look for someone else, do not rush to conclusions. Aries men can be real knights with those they love. Ruled by Mars, Aries are real conquerors and adventurers, so there is little chance you will be bored with a man like him. Not to mention that Aries is sensual, passionate, and attractive. 

Find the right key to his heart, it may take some time, but it’s worth it! 

Attracting female Aries 

Regardless of the gender of the sign of Aries – they are always leaders. We warn you this won’t be easy, but the end result will be worth all the effort. 

Aries woman knows what she wants, and to get it, so if you think that you are going to become her guiding light – you are mistaken. Aries are hard to control due to their strive for independence. However, if you let her control you in everything – she will lose interest in a few days. You need to prove Aries woman that you are equal, in that case, your relationship will have a future.

Unlike Aries men, you should let her seduce you. It is not that difficult since most representatives of the opposite sex are usually at her feet. There is no wonder why – Aries woman is strong, fearless, energetic, and adventurous – what else do you want? However, if you search for calm and gentle housewife, this is not the case.

Before you decide to step aside, let us tell you something else. Aries is one of those signs that values faithfulness above all. You shouldn’t be afraid of her affection, as long as there is a spark between both of you. Aries women need lots of attention, like all other women in this case. Aries woman is a jealous one, and you should better not give her reason to feel this way – her rage is not something you wouldn’t like to deal with.

To sum up, relationship with an Aries woman means to be flexible and to give in to her from time to time. In return, you will get that kind of love and devotion, for which any other man would die in battle!

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