13 Jul 2024

Numerology: What is it?

Scientific aspects of the art of personal numerology help us more fully realize our place in the past, present and future life. Life is cyclical, and any cycle can be represented by a single digit number from 1 to 9. 

Modern numerology has completely scientific justification. The great mathematician and physicist, Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727) believed in existence of a kind of “world order”: if the sun appeared on the horizon today, it will certainly rise tomorrow. However, modern science claims that the existing world order is generated by chaos; accordingly, the harmony and stability of things is subject to random influences. Numerology indicates the randomness of being. A person will gain positive experience even from tough life circumstances and, armed with the knowledge gained, will be able to withstand future shocks, by learning how a number affects fate. Numerology is a practical discipline that develops personality.

The philosophical aspect of numerology involves gaining life wisdom, a certain way of thinking and theoretical knowledge. The Greek philosopher Pythagoras (580-500 BC) is undoubtedly considered the founder of modern numerology. He believed that number is “the essence of all life”.

The psychological component is also inherent in numerology. The innovation of Sigmund Freud, the founder of modern psychology, and his student Carl Jung laid the foundation for a comprehensive study of human nature. For many years, these scientists studied the underlying processes that determine the personal characteristics and motivation of people's actions.

Freud's studies were devoted to the ideomotor characteristics, sexual instincts and dream interpretation. In other words, his scientific approach lies in the area of the mind. Jung's works are mostly devoted to the study of spiritual aspects and paranormal phenomena. At the same time, he devoted a lot of time to the study of human personality categories.

Numerology considers a set of psychological characteristics in the range of number series from 1 to 9.

Numbers and Energy

Number is a reflection of constantly evolving and developing energy substance, which potential is manifested in the whole variety of actions and personal characteristics. Any life path number can be considered as an expression of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual qualities of a person. That is why it is safe to say that numerology affects all areas of life.

The energy of one number affects the potential of another month day. For example, the date of August 31 is slightly affected by both August 30 and September 1. During April (and April represents number 4), a person will experience the influence of March (3) and May (5). Of course, the influence of figure 4 is dominant in April, since it reflects the serial number of the month. This effect is very noticeable to people born shortly before or immediately after midnight; in this case, the influence of the “destiny number” of the day preceding or following the actual birth date is often felt.

Numerology works with numbers from 1 to 9, even if it comes to your full birth name. There is the concept of master numbers in the numerology, represented by two-digit numbers 11, 22, 33, 44, etc. These numbers represent doubled energy potential. For example, the master number 33 contributes either to increased creative activity, or leads to severe disappointment. It is quite natural that a person, whose individual numerology chart is connected with an expression number, is endowed with special qualities that he/she can use to the benefit of others and for personal gain. Life path numbers depends on the number obtained as a result of addition. Thus, the number 44 is affected by the number 8, etc.

There are twelve months in a year, and a person experiences a special influence of the month of birth. For example, all people born in January tend to the same goal.

In numerology reading, no less influence on the fate has a homeland or country of permanent residence. The letters that make up the full name of the country have numerical correspondences. For example, Japan has the numerology number 15 or 6. If a person is somehow connected with this country, people, culture, language, national cuisine, these numbers have a direct impact on him/her, and it does not matter in which country he/she lives now.


Date of birth contains some information about personal traits and psychological characteristics. It says a lot about: health, attachments, sexual potential, career opportunities, etc.

Annual personal number

All life circumstances and events fit into the number range from 1 to 9, since a new cycle invariably begins with one and ends with nine. The annual important number determines the fate of a person for a given year.

Nine year cycle

Many material phenomena are associated with the number 7. There are 7 chakras (energy centers) in the human body, 7 levels are distinguished in the aura, the rainbow is represented by 7 colors, etc. This number represents forces of nature. However, according to the numerological tradition, 7 is a number that creates and destroys nature, a kind of catalyst for synthesis of production and unity, and loss at the same time. With 6 years of experience behind, the eighth year of the nine-year cycle is doomed to work out karmic debts (of all previous life cycles), taking into account the influence of the final ninth year, which determines the future prospects.

Calculation of annual personal number

The annual personal number is determined by adding the birthday numbers and the month of birth to the number corresponding to the previous year. The annual personal number changes every year.

Personal Year Features

The most typical influences that characterize each personal year in numerology are as follows:

  1. opportunities;
  2. balance;
  3. creative activity;
  4. construction;
  5. communication;
  6. execution of instructions;
  7. implementation;
  8. karma;
  9. completion and start.

Calculation of personal number

Personal number is determined by the date of birth. For example, if you were born on the 8th day of any month, your personal number in numerology will be 8. However, if the date of birth exceeds 10, the influence of another number will be felt. For example, if you were born on the 14th day, and you want to calculate your life number, you need to plus 1 and 4 to get 5; so, your personal number in numerology will be designated as 14/5. Another example: date of birth – 29; accordingly, 2 + 9 = 11, 1 + 1 = 2; personal number is 29/2. A detailed study of all categories gives the most complete picture of numerological significance.


If your personal number in numerology is 1, you are gifted with an independent temper and strong character. You are very persistent in achieving your goals, so don’t hesitate. If you have an important decision to make, it will be irrevocable and final, and any interference will irritate you. It seems that your energy source is inexhaustible.

According to numerology, you are sociable, but at the same time, trust only yourself and prefer to go your own way. Loneliness rather brings joy than oppresses you. Because of this self-sufficiency, you will periodically disappear from sight of your friends. You like to weigh your chances of success all alone. Despite hypertrophied independence, you prefer to spend time with your friends.


Number 2 in numerology gives you indestructible thirst for communication with other people. You tend to share your emotions, in particular, to talk left and right about your health. Such openness provokes response, and others begin to inform you of their problems. Relationships built on trust constitute important part of your life.

It is likely that you “feel” other people. According to numerology, you can judge of a person’s decency after the first meeting, feel whom of your business partners you can trust, instantly recognize false intentions, etc. People like you “feel in their bones”, despite the fact your intuitive assessment is not always adequate. This is due to the fact that, when evaluating people, you tend to embellish their true virtues and subconsciously see those qualities that you want to see. For example, you think your business partner is deeply decent; such assessment is the result of your desire to see decent people around you, although, deep down you feel this is not true.


You are prone to fun and self-expression in any field of activity. You really try to get the most out of physical work (love to do it yourself), when chatting with friends and in romantic relationships. According to numerology, you have a clear predisposition to manual labor: drawing, culinary delights, embroidery, massage or manual therapy.

You like all sorts of gatherings, especially parties, where you can chat freely with friends. You got used to popping incessantly, and sometimes it seems to others that you will never stop. However, this is a way of self-expression, a way of manifesting your temperament and self-confidence.


The number 4 in numerology determines a decisive character, sometimes striving to go beyond the ordinary. This is true because a person constantly feels bored by daily routine. However, even “exclusivity” can be mundane, and at the same time, each person is unique. Life, as a rule, is monotonous, and you get used to the fact that all people need the same things: food, water, clothes, housing, love and sex. What goes beyond the above is perceived as a gift of fate: extra money, vacation, travel, expensive clothes, a busy social life, etc. Such worldview makes you deal with everyday monotony. Numerology says that you like it, but sometimes you need a thrill.

According to numerology, you are practical and persistent. The struggle for survival is of particular importance to you, and nobody is equal to you here. For example, you agree to work 12 hours a day or on weekends to earn more money being confident in your financial security. If you have your own house, then you do not see the need to assign payments for it to someone else, because you think that you should manage it yourself.


The number 5 in numerology gives you clear mind and desire for communication. When interacting with other people, you feel part of a whole, especially when it comes to burning issues. Communication helps you feel your social significance. Perhaps, you would like to chat with people around the world. You like traveling and discovering different cultures and lifestyles.

According to numerology, you are always ready to support the conversation, although, as a rule, your gestures and facial expressions “speak” for you; you can easily communicate with whose language you don’t know without body language. You also have a pronounced ability to telepathically transmit thoughts, which is the result of clear construction of thought forms. Thus, you can easily “catch” other people's thoughts.


In numerology this means that your heart’s desire is to ensure that everyone is heard and understood. You are attentive and compassionate to other people's problems and troubles, and you have no habit of blaming others; you are more concerned about defining your own role in what is happening.

Numerology says that you are never satisfied with collective efforts and your own achievements. Most likely, family values ​​are of paramount importance to you. You would prefer to ask family members for help, rather than friends or a partner in case of trouble. You understand that without solving your own problems, you won’t be able to help others.

Perhaps, you have an increased sense of responsibility for your actions. You are not one of those who are afraid of difficulties, and no matter how bad things are, you always finish the job; you are characterized by a conscientious attitude to work, health, and friends.


The number 7 in numerology endowed you with rich intuition and desire for a safe existence in today’s reality. You are a very sensitive and receptive person, and use these qualities for the benefit of your family, friends and colleagues. Your intuition helps you out in a variety of situations. Thus, when organizing a party, you intuitively feel the psychological compatibility of the intended participants and you know in advance what entertainment to offer “for dessert”. According to numerology, you easily analyze your feelings and assess your well-being. Your motto is “follow your heart”.

Numerology says that instead of blindly listening to the advice of others, you completely trust your own feelings and rely only on your natural gift. Sometimes, you are like an ancient sage, whose wisdom illuminates the life path of other people. By trusting yourself, you trust other people in life.


The number 8 in numerology has endowed you with patience and desire to achieve success in all areas of life. You are lucky in most cases, and rewarded a hundredfold for everything you do. Perhaps, you will find fame and recognition, financial reward or a new car as a gift from the authorities. You know how to rejoice at your accomplishments and feel satisfied when you reach your goal. You may not ask for reward – it “finds” you.

According to numerology, you are a successful person and material wealth flows into your hands. However, success will be incomplete until your spiritual claims are also satisfied. 


The number 9 in numerology endowed you with philosophical view and desire for knowledge; you are tolerant of your own disadvantages and take them for granted, because you know about the duality of everything. However, you are more tolerant of other people's sins than your own. You easily forgive and are not able to take offense for a long time. According to numerology, you try to improve the quality of life constantly striving for excellence.

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